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Who Needs a License?
Broward County > Pollution Prevention > Haz Mat > Who Needs a License?

A Hazardous Materials facility is any site or area, excluding vehicles used solely for the transportation of people or property, where either of the following occurs:

- Any extremely hazardous substance in excess of the threshold planning quantity as defined by the most current version of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (42 U.S.C. § 11001, et seq. is present.


- Within a one (1) month period of time, an aggregate amount of twenty-five (25) gallons or more or an equivalent dry volume** of hazardous materials are stored, handled, generated, used, processed, manufactured, disposed or are otherwise present.

**For any dry volume quantity of hazardous material in units of pounds, divide the units of pounds by 10. The resulting number would then be used to determine whether the quantity falls within the criteria for a hazardous material facility.

For further information please review the Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 27, Pollution Control Article XII.

Example of Facilities that may require a Hazardous Materials License

- Aircraft Maintenance - Golf Courses **
- Automotive shops - Furniture Manufacturing/Refinishing Stores **
   Body (repair/painting)  - Laboratories and Hospitals **
   Lube and Towing - Machine Shops
   Mufflers (exhaust) - Municipal Facilities**
   Repair (general) - Parks **
   Transmissions - Police Departments **
   Brakes and Radiator - Printing Shops/ Screen Printing
- Boat Repair Marinas ** - Public Safety Facilities **
- Cellular Service (towers, etc) - Public Works/Maintenance
- Community Swimming Pools ** - Retail Gas Stations
- Diesel Generators - Schools with Laboratories **
- Dry Cleaners - Water and Wastewater Services
- Fire Rescue Stations
**When using or storing hazardous materials.

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