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Message from the Director of Purchasing

The past couple of years have served as a testimonial to the importance of procurement and the critical role it plays in the road to recovery from one of the worst economic downturns in this nation’s history. Last year was unprecedented with over $1 billion in contract awards. This Fiscal Year (FY) 2013, we exceeded our normal average awards by awarding over $660 million in contracts. The sustained trend of strategically spending our dollars above our normal levels, making major investments to improve Broward County’s local infrastructure are paying dividends, and the benefits are being enjoyed by our residents, businesses and visitors.

This year’s message from the Mayor addressed the County’s commitment to the residents of Broward County, and I quote: "Broward County means business." "It’s more than just a theme for this year; it’s a way of defining Broward County and what we are about, which is outcomes and results." (Mayor Barbara Sharief)

As a result of the County’s strategic approach, our local economy is gaining strength. Broward County businesses have been able to create more jobs and more residents are employed today than last year, because of our commitment to reinvest the County’s revenues back into our community. The unemployment statistics and our very own performance data support this statement. For example, last year in September 2012, the unemployment rate was 7.6%. As of August 2013, the unemployment rate has plunged to 5.8%, making Broward County one of the fastest major metropolitan areas to sharply decrease the unemployment rate. This is well below the unemployment rate for the state of Florida which is 7%, and of our neighboring counties to the north and south, Palm Beach County 7.5% and Miami-Dade County 9.3%, respectively, for the same period. During FY 2013, the total contract dollars awarded to vendors conducting business with Broward County was $663,922,700, in which 41.5% or $275,150,233 was awarded to vendors located within the County; 58.8% or $390,322,670 within the tri-county area (Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade); and 78.1% or $518,859,582 within the State of Florida.

Although our future looks prosperous, let’s focus on the great things that are happening now! It is my distinct honor to present the Purchasing Division Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013, as it illustrates, “Our Best. Nothing Less.” service to Broward County.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Broward County Commission, the County Administrator and her entire team, and all of our great partners throughout the County for their support. To those who contributed to this report, and to my entire staff for their commitment, effort and dedication, I say, thank you.

Brenda J. Billingsley, Director

View the Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report (PDF)


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