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RLI/RFP Supporting Documents Repository

To enhance transparency and utilize technology, the Purchasing Division established an internet website link to a portal containing information documents utilized by Selection and Evaluation Committee members (a repository) in evaluating all proposals and ranking shortlisted proposers for final award of County contracts, resulting from a Committee-based procurement process. Some of the information documents contained in the portal are: Request for Letters of Interest/Request for Proposals solicitations, Evaluation Matrix, Director of Purchasing Recommendation Memorandum, Office of Economic and Small Business Development Compliance Memorandum, Financial Review Memorandum, Litigation Review Memorandum, Shortlisting Ballot Tally Sheet and Individual Ballots, Presentation - Ranking Ballot Tally Sheet and Individual Ballots, Audio Recordings of Selection and Evaluation Committee Meetings, and Summary Meeting Minutes of Selection and Evaluation Committee Meetings. This improvement is an award winning innovation recognized by NACo and FAPPO as noted previously.

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(Note: Return to full listing by entering '*' into search text box.)

 RLI RFP Supporting Documents

M1102907R1 Consultant Services for BCJC Midrise Building Renovation.pdf
N1030013P1 Mast Arms Conversion Group 1.pdf
N1038712R1 Engineering Services for Cranes.pdf
N1043902P1 Construction Project Management Services for Maintenance Facility.pdf
N1337414R1 Convention Center Expansion and Headquarters Hotel Projects.pdf
N1337414R2 Convention Center Expansion and Headquarters Hotel Projects - Step Two.pdf
N1337414R3 Broward County Convention Center Expansion and Headquarters Hotel Projects - Step Three.pdf
N1388702R1 Assessment of Broward County Regional E911 Consolidated Communications System.html
Q1235706P1 Consultant Services for Broward County Main Jail Windows Replacement (NSM).pdf
Q1296514P1 Consultant Services for Main Library Terraces and Planter Waterproofing.pdf
R0866301R2 Centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution.pdf
R0944901R2 Workers Compensation Medical Cost Containment and Case Management Services.pdf
R0961807R1 Enterprise Business Application for Human Services Department.pdf
R0981809R1 Safety Management Systems (SMS) Consultant.pdf
R0985702R1 Marketing and Distribution of Promotional Items.pdf
R0995908R1 Risk Management and Claims Administration System (RMIS).pdf
R0999201R1 North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (NRWWTP) Capacity Improvements - Engineering Services.pdf
R1007402R1 North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Improvements - Engineering Services.pdf
R1007403R1 Engineering Services for North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant - Structural Replacement.pdf
R1008103R1 Water and Wastewater Engineering Services for Studies and Reports.pdf
R1008424P1 Supervisor of Elections Facility.pdf
R1009111R1 Turnkey Energy Efficiency Finance and Service Program.pdf
R1012809R1 In-House Pharmacy Management Services for BARC.pdf
R1020904P3 Actuarial Services.pdf
R1023501R1 Architectural Engineering Services for Wind Mitigation of County Buildings.pdf
R1025211R1 Water and Wastewater Treatment, Distribution and Collection System.pdf
R1032212R1 Wiles Road Project.pdf
R1037815R1 Port Everglades Wetlands Construction and Planting.pdf
R1039104R1 Construction Project Manager FLL Terminal Modernization.pdf
R1040902R1 Consultant Services for the Airport Concessions Program.pdf
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