Florida Velodrome Association
Florida Velodrome Association
Broward County Parks and Recreation’s Florida Velodrome Association friends group was launched in fall 2010 by three competitive cyclists with a passion for promoting track cycling: Jose Basulto, Larry DeSario, and Brad Galbraith. The organization was designed to assist with races and training at the Brian Piccolo Velodrome, as well as with management and maintenance of the Velodrome and with program development, including volunteer recruitment, for all Velodrome events at Brian Piccolo Park.


Bikers at Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome Bikers at Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome Biker at Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome


The FVA is committed to:

  • Promoting awareness of the Brian Piccolo Velodrome.
  • Developing the sport of track cycling by establishing and running a consistent, well-organized racing program for athletes of all capabilities.
  • Developing local youth participants in the sport of cycling.
  • Promoting a “fit for life” philosophy for athletes of all ages.

The FVA’s responsibilities are to:

  • Develop and manage 15 to 20 events at the Brian Piccolo Velodrome for calendar year 2011, managing the registration, insurance, and promotion for these events.
  • Develop and manage pools of (1) primary and backup race officials, (2) support staff, and (3) pace-vehicle personnel for park-approved events.
  • Provide and maintain the pace vehicle.
  • Develop and maintain a pool of sponsors for events approved in advance by Parks and Recreation.
  • Provide payment through accredited organization (Parks and Recreation) to sanction race events.
  • Collect event and program fees for association events and activities and ensure that all funds collected are invested in the Velodrome and related facilities, either through capital improvements, additional events and activities, and/or payments to race officials.
  • Establish youth development events/programs to introduce and increase participation of this demographic to the sport of cycling.
  • Provide staffing assistance to the County during open riding and park cycling events and programs.
  • Develop and coordinate a volunteer day each quarter to promote and improve the Velodrome and related facilities.
  • Provide the County with a special report on all revenues and expenditures from the association’s operations, prepared by a certified public accountant licensed by the State of Florida in accordance with the provisions of the Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards.

For more information, visit www.flavelo.org.