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We can add you to our free agent list and email teams your name, email address, and phone number.  I will advise you that we primarily are a league with teams registering and do not place players on teams.  We email out the list and it is up to the captains to contact the free agents if they are in need of a player.  Some other options for you are to come out and "sell" yourself to teams on that particular night(s) you wish to play.  At times, teams are short players and need to pick up a player or two.  Another option is for you to receive our free agent list and be a "captain" so you can contact the free agents and see if you can form a team of your own.  The next registration for the Summer Season will be sometime in April.  Registration will be open until all spots are filled or we start the season.  Financial arrangements are made with the team you get picked up by.  The park does not collect money on behalf of teams however at times players have decided to pay their portion of the team fee directly to the park office.  

If you understand all of the above, please give me your contact info you want me to send to our teams and background info such as any experience you might have, positions you have played and would like to play, age, and whether you bat/throw right or left or both, etc. and email it to Juan Orozco at