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Campground Rules

​The following list of campground rules, regulations, and information is provided to help ensure your visit is enjoyable and safe. Please pitch in to keep our park litter-free by using the trash cans and recycling bins provided.

  1. All campsite fees are posted at park office. Stays of fewer than 14 days require full payment in advance. For stays of more than 14 days, a 14-day payment is required. There are a limited number of extended-stay RV sites available. Maximum stay is 180 days per 12-month period.
  2. Reservation holder must be on site throughout duration of stay. Subcontracting a site is strictly prohibited.
  3. Cancellations must be made at least 15 days prior to reservation date and include a $25 fee ($5 at Quiet Waters). Requests for a refund must be submitted in writing to park management. Refund requests do not automatically mean approval of refunds. No refunds for cancellations 14 or fewer days in advance.
  4. Designated check-in is 3 p.m. Checkout must be before 1 p.m.
  5. Campers must be at least 18 years old (photo ID required) to register for a campsite and must have proper camping equipment. Sleeping in the open or in passenger vehicles is prohibited.
  6. Reservation includes one camping unit (such as motor home, camper, or tent) and one vehicle. No bunkhouses or boats. No tent camping at C.B. Smith or T.Y.
  7. Reservation fee allows four people per site. For each additional camper ages 6 and up, there is an extra per-night fee. Maximum of eight people/site (six at Quiet Waters). Guests of registered campers subject to weekend/holiday gate entrance fee.
  8. Only one extra vehicle such as car, motorcycle, or trailer per site. Fee applies. Commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, trailers, and vehicles exceeding 15 feet in overall length are not allowed. 
  9. Quiet hours are 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Only reported guests and registered campers are allowed at your campsite. 
  10. All pets (two maximum) must be registered with park office. Dogs and cats must be licensed, and proof of vaccination may be required. Pets must be kept under immediate control of owners at all times and on leashes no more than six feet long. Pets may not be left tied to trees or otherwise unattended at campsite. Owners are responsible for cleaning up pet waste.
  11. For your safety, do not feed any wild or domestic animals other than your own pets.
  12. Charcoal fires and grills are allowed in designated areas only. Do not break tree branches or damage park shrubbery for fire fuel. Extinguish fires before departing vicinity.
  13. Drinking or bringing alcoholic beverages other than wine and beer in the park is prohibited. Please refrain from bringing any glass containers or kegs into the park.
  14. Fireworks, explosives, and weapons other than firearms may not be brought into or discharged in parks. Park visitors with valid concealed-weapons permits may bring their firearms into parks subject to Florida Statutes 790.053, 790.06, and 790.33.
  15. Vehicles are allowed only on authorized roads and parking areas. All State of Florida traffic and vehicular laws will be enforced. Unregistered electric or motorized vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts, and scooters are prohibited.
  16. Discharging of wastewater onto the ground is prohibited. No RV or vehicle washing, open drains, pools, hot tubs, or water activity of any kind will be allowed. Water usage is limited to filling RV tanks.
  17. Sites must be kept clean and orderly. Accumulation of personal property on site is not permitted. No outdoor storage, appliances, fences, or clotheslines. Place all trash in the appropriate location – check with park office for details.
  18. The Parks and Recreation Division is not responsible for any loss by fire, theft, or accident. We strongly suggest you stowall camping gear and lock up your valuables when you are not at your campsite.
  19. Attaching objects to trees, plant life, or park property is prohibited.
  20. This park employs a lightning-prediction system, which will sound a 15-second horn blast, accompanied by a flashing light, alerting you that a storm is imminent. Once the alarm has sounded and strobes remain flashing, outdoor activity is to be suspended and shelter sought immediately, in either a large building or an enclosed vehicle. Outdoor activity may be resumed only after you hear three five-second horn blasts indicating the storm has moved out of the area. If you remain outdoors after a warning alarm is issued, you do so at your own risk.
  21. Wi-Fi is available for free use, subject to availability. When logging onto the Internet, please go to BC Public (wireless domain), and then you must agree to the legal statement.
  22. Nonemergency repairs and routine maintenance of any vehicle or RV are prohibited.
  23. Rugs, mats, and other ground covers are to be used on campsite pads only. Anything that covers the grass (tents, screen houses, canopies, etc.) should be moved often enough to prevent grass from dying. Limit one 10' x 10' screen house or canopy.