Broward 4-H Events & Activities
County-Level Events & Activities
School Enrichment Programs
Financial Literacy
Learning how to be budget savvy starts at a young age.  This interactive program provides youth an opportunity to start planning their future.  A personality test is administered and youth are assigned a profession based on the results of the personality test.  Youth are also given a family scenario and are taught to budget their money while providing the basic necessities for their family.  This program is available for grades 8-12.
College and Career Preparation
Designed for youth in grades 9-11, this program exposes students to various types of post-secondary education. Students align educational goals with their personal interests and abilities and learn to recognize the importance of both academics and extracurricular activities in achieving educational goals.
4-H Embryology teaches students about science and respect for life. Students hatch chicks in the classroom and witness the exciting miracle of life. Students take the responsibilities of caring for the fertilized eggs and then the chicks after they have hatched.  Following each session, the hatched birds are given to local farmers or adopted out to students.
Tropicana Speech Competition
For youth in traditional schools in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. It is composed of competitions at the classroom, school, and county levels. The overall county winner will receive a full scholarship to attend our annual weeklong residential (overnight) summer camp at Camp Cloverleaf in Lake Placid, Florida.
Community Clubs
Community Clubs are formed by screened volunteers in various communities in Broward County.  Each club adapts one or more curricula/project books to use throughout the year as an educational supplement. Curriculum provides hands-on activities and lessons. At the end of the 4-H year, the project book is submitted to the county 4-H office to be “graded,” and youth may receive prizes and scholarships toward 4-H events if their project book receives a blue ribbon.
School Clubs
Dedicated teachers, school staff, or PTA members form an organized club at a school site. Each club adapts one or more curricula/project books to use throughout the year as an educational supplement. Curriculum provides hands-on activities and lessons. At the end of the 4-H year, the project book is submitted to the county 4-H office to be rated, and youth may receive prizes and scholarships toward 4-H events if their project book receives a blue ribbon.
4-H Afterschool
4-H Afterschool programs offer youth a safe, healthy, and enriched after-school environment that utilizes structured learning in partnerships with caring adults. 4-H Afterschool programs address the interests of youth in their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs. Please contact our office if you are interested in making 4-H Afterschool a part of your program.
County Council
The council is composed of 4-H’ers from all clubs in Broward County. Each youth represents his/her club, and board members are elected to form a council. Council meetings are held monthly. Youth determine and plan the implementation of 4-H programs, events, and service learning projects. The council provides an opportunity for youth to learn leadership skills as well as parliamentary procedures.
County Events

Annual competitions in the areas of Public Speaking, Illustrated Talks and Demonstrations, Fashion Revue, and Share the Fund (Talent Show) Acts are open to enrolled 4-H youth. Youth receiving a blue ribbon and over the age of 8 will move on to participate in the annual District Events, in which they compete against first-place winners from Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.
Chicken Barbecue Competition
Each year participants ages 8 to18 participate is this fun cooking competition. Each youth is responsible for purchasing a grill and materials to prepare the perfect barbecue chicken. Youth are judged on preparation, taste, and presentation. The overall winner moves on to participate at the State Barbecue competition.
National Youth Science Day
National Youth Science Day (NYSD) is the world’s largest youth-led science experiment. This year’s NYSD will be held on October 7, 2015, with a theme of Motion Commotion. Contact the local Broward County 4-H Office for more information.
4-H at the South Florida Fair
Broward 4-H will be participating in the South Florida Fair to be held in West Palm Beach for the 2015-2016 Year. Youth must be enrolled in 4-H online by November 1, 2015, in order to be eligible for fair entry. Please see the 2016 South Florida Fair 4-H Exhibits & Activities for categories, event dates, and registration deadlines. You can also visit the South Florida Fair website at

Food Exhibit Registration Forms are due to the Broward 4-H Office by Nov. 30, 2015

General Exhibit Registration Forms are due to the Broward 4-H Office by January 4, 2016
Orange Blossom Festival Parade
Youth march in the annual parade dressed in costumes according to the year’s theme and perform a chant or other activity in front of the judges’ stand. Broward County 4-H also has a fundraising table to sell honey and baked goods.
Volunteer Trainings
Volunteer trainings are held various times throughout the year. Trainings available include (but are not limited to) new club leader orientation, overnight chaperone training, and trainings in 4-H curricula to use in school enrichment programs, after-school clubs, club educational programs, day camps, and other areas. In-service credits for teachers are available for some trainings.
Special Interest Groups
Horse Clubs
Clubs are formed by screened volunteers in various communities in Broward County. These clubs give the opportunity for youth to learn how to care for horses as well as complete a horse-related 4-H project and participate in various horse shows that include categories such as Western, English Showmanship, and Hunting. Members also participate in service learning activities that are planned by the club leaders and the youth in the club. (Horses are not included in all horse clubs.)
Junior Master Gardeners (JMG)
This is a two-year commitment club. Youth in this club learn all there is to know about gardening and plant growth and development. This group meets at the Old Davie School House. 
District-Level Events & Activities
District Council
Broward County is part of the District 13 4-H Council, which also comprises Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. The District Council is open to members between the ages of 11 and 18. This council elects officers who assist with various events district-wide, help facilitate programs at schools, conduct marketing, and other 4-H events. District Council is also heavily involved in service learning projects in all three counties.
District Events
All first-place winners from county events ages 8 and up are eligible for District Events. This competition includes Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.  Senior winners ages 14 and up are eligible for state competition held at 4-H Congress in Gainesville in late July.
Area-F Horse Show

This horse show includes participation from 10 other South District counties. Youth participate in various classes, and winners move on to compete in the State Horse Show during the summer in Tampa, Florida.
Mock Legislature
A civic education event in which youth are able to participate in the legislative process. During this event, youth are taught how to research, lobby, sponsor, and debate bills through committees, all the way to the house floor. It also serves as preparation for our Florida State Legislature Program, which is for senior 4-H’ers. This program is for youth ages 11 and up.
Junior Congress
Junior Congress is an annual event in which District Council members teach younger 4-H youth and plan team-building and educational activities.
State Events & Activities
State Council
The Florida 4-H State Council is a statewide leadership group that comprises two voting delegates from each county. This group meets annually at the Florida 4-H Congress in Gainesville in July as well as at Executive Board. The council has elected officers who are selected each year during 4-H Congress.
Executive Board
The Florida 4-H Executive Board is a leadership board for Florida 4-H. The group meets three times a year at different 4-H campsites to work on State Council projects.
State Horse Show
Preceding the area horse shows across the state, the State Horse Show is a competition in which the top percentage of qualifiers from these show compete.  Those also ranked in the top move on to participate in the National Horse Show in Kentucky in the fall of each year.
4-H Day at the Capitol
This is a one-day event that takes place in Tallahassee in the month of April that serves as an educational government tour and open to all 4-H participants.
State Legislature
4-H Legislature is a five-day laboratory in state government designed to give participants educational experiences such as: learning about the functions of state level government; becoming informed about the state system of government; writing and researching bills; serving as mock legislators, reporters, or lobbyists; meeting in the committee rooms of the House of Representatives as well as the House Chambers; and touring the State Capitol, Supreme Court, Archives, and/or other state buildings. All interested teens ages 14 and up need to be involved in the county government study in preparation for this state event.
State Barbecue Competition
County Barbecue winners compete against other 4-H’ers across the state. The winner of this competition goes on to participate in the Nationals in Kentucky.
4-H State University
4-H University is open to 4-H participants ages 14 and up. This five-day event is held on the University of Florida campus during July. University is divided into competitive and noncompetitive sessions. The winners from District Events participate in the state competition. In addition, each county sends its two voting delegates to state meetings. Interviews for scholarships and national trips are also held. This event also has fun, educational tracks addressing the interests of Florida youth.
Leadership Adventure Weekend
This weekend will focus on a train the trainer type event for teen leaders. We will touch on club, county, & district officer responsibilities, team building, district & county council, communication and leadership skills along with being an ambassador for 4-H among other topics. The goal is to train participants to go back and repeat these trainings at a district, county, and club level.  Click here for more information.
National Events & Activities
National 4-H University
National 4-H University is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia, in November. This four-day event provides youth with a high-quality program that includes recreational, social, and cultural activities.
National 4-H Conference
The National 4-H Conference is annually held in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in late March. The conference is a delegation that contributes ideas on how to improve and strengthen the 4-H program nationwide.
Citizen Washington Focus
Held in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in late June, this is an educational, week-long program in our nation’s capital to foster an opportunity to experience government operations and issues.
Leadership Washington Focus
Leadership Washington Focus (LWF) is a 4-H leadership program for youth entering grades 7 through 9. The program will take place at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center, just 1 mile from the Washington, D.C. border.  Click here for more information.
Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference
SRTLC is a first-of-its-kind, multi-state 4-H conference created to bring together 4-H teens and adults to empower & inspire them to make a positive change across the southern region through youth-adult partnerships.  Click here for more information.