Join a 4-H Club

Join a 4-H Club 

About 4-H Clubs
4-H follows the "Learn by Doing" philosophy and gives youth the opportunity to build essential life skills through hands-on, project-based work alongside caring adult leaders. 4-H clubs are formed by screened volunteers in various communities in Broward County. Each club adapts one or more curricula/project books to use throughout the year as an educational supplement. Curriculum provides hands-on activities and lessons. At the end of the 4-H year, the project book is submitted to the county 4-H office to be "graded," and youth may receive prizes and scholarships toward 4-H.

4-H community and school clubs meet at least once a month to hold a business meeting and conduct project work. 4-H projects include everything from fishing to robotics, sewing to cooking, archery to marine ecology, leadership to citizenship, and much more! 4-H club meetings are as youth-led as possible. Youth elect club officers and vote on club activities. Leaders and volunteers are present during meetings and activities to provide guidance and resources.

How to Join
The Broward County 4-H open enrollment period beings on September 1 and continues year-round. 4-H has community clubs that meet all around Broward County. Not sure how to join a club? It's easy - just visit the Broward 4-H Club Directory and identify a club that you are interested in joining. Contact the leader of that club and set up a time to attend a club meeting. If you decide to become an official member of the club, your club leader will instruct you to register in 4-H Online*, our official enrollment system.

Can't find a club that fits your age group or interest? Independent 4-H Membership allows youth to be involved with a 4-H outside of a club setting. Independent membership is self-directed, planned learning with the help of a parent or mentor. For more information regarding this opportunity, please view the Independent 4-H Membership section.
*Please do not register in 4-H Online until you have contacted a club leader and they have asked you to do so.

There is a $20 membership fee per youth (maximum: $60 per family). This fee will cover the cost of member insurance and will provide each member with one project book of the member's choice.

If you have already registered in 4-H Online and still need to pay the membership fee, or if you need instructions on how to do so, please link here. Only pay the membership fee and register in 4-H Online if you have already contacted a club leader and they have instructed you to do so.

For more information regarding the membership fee, please visit our FAQ section.

Start a 4-H Club
Can't seem to find a club that fits your needs? Starting a 4-H club is easy. All it takes is five youth from at least three different families, and two committed adult leaders. For more information about starting your own 4-H club visit our FAQ section. Need further instruction? Contact the Broward 4-H office at 954-357-5270 or