4-H Programs

Broward County 4-H offers opportunities for countless research-based, educational programs through clubs and youth-serving organizations. Three of our most popular youth programs are below. 

In addition, Broward County 4-H trains adult volunteers and after school providers in youth development principles and the 4-H program. Whether you are interested in youth or adult education, 4-H programs are customizable to fit your needs!

2009 FAE4-HA SEARCH FOR PROGRAM EXCELLENCE WINNER! Junior Master Gardener: Junior Master Gardener is a 4-H youth development program of the cooperative Extension system. In Broward County, our award-winning JMG program is a one to two-year commitment for enrolled, 4-H youth. Through JMG, young people in 4-H are able to take part in independent and group learning experiences, life skills and career exploration, and service learning opportunities surrounding. The Broward County JMG program receives support from Urban Horticulture.

Junior Master Gardener LogoIf your group is interested in gardening but is unable to be a part of the full, two-year educational program series, please Contact Us. Also, we will soon be offering JMG short courses, so stay tuned!

On My Own Training: Broward County 4-H offers Financial Literacy training to youth throughout the county. On My Own is a hands-on, financial simulation where young people are able to gain insight into their futures and encouraged to make informed, everyday decisions, regarding finances. 

Financial training sessions allow youth to understand the importance of creating a budget, as well as the difference between gross and net income, and so much more! Interested organizations may Contact Us to find out more information or to schedule a Broward County 4-H financial literacy training session.

Horse Program: One of our largest areas of interest is the 4-H Horse Program. Broward County 4-H is currently home to six horse clubs where youth receive equine education through instruction, riding, shows, community service, among other hands-on, learning activities. Don't have a horse? No problem! The Broward County 4-H Horse Program has a club that fits everyone's needs.