4-H Projects & Curriculum

Each 4-H member who enrolls in one of our community or school clubs, must enroll in and work in a project each year. At the end of the year, a Project Book can be combined with supporting materials and turned in as a Project Record. Below, you will find all of the information necessary to complete a Project Book and Project Record Book. Please read our Fact Sheet for complete information.

If you are unsure if an older version of 4-H curriculum is a complete Project Book or an activity only, please contact us at the office. We're happy to answer all of your project-related questions!

Please review this Action Plan (PDF) and Project Fact Sheet (PDF) before proceeding.

4-H offers curriculum to teach hands-on learning in over 60 different topic areas! Visit our Curriculum Clearinghouse to access curriculum materials such as project books, record books, and helper guides. Some materials are available free for download, while others are available for purchase.

General Project Record Books

To receive recognition for project competition, each 4-H participant must submit at least one General Project Record Book by the second Monday in August.

Please choose a project summary or report based on age level as of Sept. 1 of the current 4-H year:

Then include one Project Evaluation and age-level project report score sheet or summary review sheet (below) with each completed Project Record Book. PROJECT RECORD BOOKS WITHOUT EVALUATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (unless member opted out of evaluations at the beginning of the year).

Achievement Record Books

Achievement Records, which consist of an Achievement Record Book and supplemental materials, are complete records of a 4-H member's annual participation in the program. Juniors, Intermediates, and Seniors may submit the following Achievement Record Books and supplemental materials for additional recognition:

Golden Clover: To be considered for 4-H Member of the Year awards, a member must submit the Golden Clover Record. To submit a Golden Clover Record, youth must also submit one General Project Record (any focus) by the deadline, which is the second Monday in the month of August. Golden Clover Application 2015-2016

Golden Horseman: 4-H will no longer have a Golden Horseman book due to the lack of participation. All participants who would like to submit for the title of member of the year should complete a Golden Clover book.

An evaluation is included in each Record Book. RECORD BOOKS WITHOUT EVALUATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (unless member opted out of evaluations at the beginning of the year). 

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