State & National Events
State & National Events

State Events

4-H Legislature

Held at Florida State University in Tallahassee, 4-H Legislature is a five-day laboratory in state government designed to give participants educational experiences such as: learning about the functions of state level government; becoming informed about the state system of government; writing and researching bills; serving as mock legislators, reporters, or lobbyists; meeting in the committee rooms of the House of Representatives as well as the House Chambers; and touring the State Capitol, Supreme Court, Archives, and/or other state buildings. All interested teens ages 13 and up need to be involved in the county government study in preparation for this state event.

4-H University
4-H University, held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, is open to 4-H participants ages 14 and up. This five-day event is held on the University of Florida campus during July. University is divided into competitive and noncompetitive sessions. The winners from the District Events participate in the state competition. In addition, each county sends its two voting delegates to state meetings. Interviews for scholarships and national trips are also held. This event has fun, educational tracks addressing the interests of Florida youth.

Leadership Adventure Weekend
Leadership Adventure Weekend (LAW) is a train-the-trainer type event for teen leaders ages 13 to 18 as of September 1 of the current 4-H year. Participants grow their leadership skills as they learn more about communication and expressive arts.

Intermediate State
At 4-H Intermediate State, youth ages 11 to 13 participate in educational workshops and fun-shops, make friends with 4-H members from around the state and learn what other 4-H'ers do in their communities, and are given a sneak peek at the various events that will be available to them as Senior 4-H members such as 4-H Legislature, 4-H University, and State Council.

State Council
The Florida 4-H State Council is a statewide leadership group that comprises two voting delegates from each county. This group meets annually at the Florida 4-H University in Gainesville, as well as at Executive Board. The council has elected officers who are selected each year during 4-H University.

Executive Board
The Florida 4-H Executive Board is a leadership board for Florida 4-H. The group meets three times a year at different 4-H campsites to work on State Council projects.

State Horse Show
Preceding the area horse shows across the state, the State Horse Show is a competition in which the top percentage of qualifiers from these shows compete. Those also ranked in the top move on to participate in the National Horse Show in Kentucky in the fall of each year.

4-H Day at the Capitol
4-H Day at the Capitol provides youth with an opportunity to learn more about their state government and experience the political process first hand. 4-H members are highly encouraged to make an appointment with their representative or a congressional aide to talk about how the Florida 4-H Program has impacted their lives. During the day, participants will hear from public officials, participate in educational workshops, and see their representatives in action.

Marine Ecology Event
This 4-H State Marine Ecology Event (MEE) provides 4-H youth with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of the marine and aquatic worlds. To prepare for the MEE, 4-H leaders and club members go on marine field trips, visit museums and aquariums, have group study sessions, conduct internet research, and develop their own "mock contests." In the process, youth learn important life skills.

National Events

National 4-H Conference
The National 4-H Conference is annually held in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in late March. The conference is a delegate that contributes ideas on how to improve and strengthen the 4-H program nationwide.

Citizenship Washington Focus
Held in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Citizenship Washington Focus is an educational, week-long program to foster an opportunity to experience government operations and issues.

Leadership Washington Focus
Leadership Washington Focus is a 4-H leadership program for youth entering grades 7 through 9. The program will take place at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center, just one mile from the Washington, D.C. border.

Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference (SRTLC)
SRTLC is a first-of-its-kind, multistage 4-H conference created to bring together 4-H teens and adults to empower and inspire them to make a positive change across the southern region through youth-adult partnerships.