Drywood, Dampwood, Subterranean, etc. Always remember ... different termites require different treatment

Types Of Termites
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Drywood A late wings-swarming termite
wings -

Dampwood Soldier Termites

Formosan A late wings - swarming termite
wings -

Formosan Termites

It is likely that a resident of South Florida will experience insect problems ... the subtropical climate and the proximity of buildings combine to provide a year-round haven for our primary residential insects ... Ants, Cockroaches, and Termites.

The first two will nip at your ego ... Termites will munch away your assets.

Difference Between Ants and Termites
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Coping With Termites

  • Have a professional inspect any building before you purchase ... that's like purchasing title insurance.
  • Don't ignore signs like the presence of exterminator trucks in your neighborhood ... something is being treated and insects do move
  • Don't ignore symptoms like piles of sawdust, mud tunnels on walls, or swarms of flying insects ... the invasion may have begun.

Symptoms of Infestation
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Dust Pile



Select the right treatment ... or you may double your cost

  • If you have a problem ... Start With A Professional
    Get two or three Extermination companies to inspect your property and propose a treatment plan ... get written statements that include the type of termite, identification of infested areas, costs and guarantees
  • If you have questions about the proposals, get answers that satisfy you ... only the Termites should swallow the bait
  • If you decide to do-it-yourself, don't overreach ... not everyone can navigate ladders, crawl through spaces not meant for people, or handle the chemicals that may be involved ... Termites are the objective, not you

Purchase some self-protection

  1. Check with the Better Business Bureau to be certain the companies you select have clean records
  2. Get an independent identification of your Termites from a Laboratory, a University or a County Extension Office
  3. The moral of the story ... Don't buy problems and be able to sell without problems