Health Implications Of Obesity In Children
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African American, Hispanic American, and Native American children and adolescents have particularly high obesity rates. Prevalence of being overweight is reported To be significantly higher in children and Adolescents with moderate to servere asthma. Presistently elevated blood pressure levels have been found to occur about 9 times more frequently among obese children and adolescents (ages 5-18) than in non-obese children and adolescents.

Girls who develop a negative body image are at a greater risk for subsequent development of eating disorders. Over-weight children and adolescents report negative assumptions made about them by others.

Sleep apnea, the absence of breathing during sleep, occurs in about 7% of children with obesity. Deficits in logical thinking are common in children with obesity and sleep apnea.

Reference: American Obesity Association's
National Campaign of Obesity Education