Turkey Tips

Turkey Keeping food safe is important each and every day! During the holidays, when festive preparations are being made and menus are being written, it is just as critical. Please remember when compiling your holiday grocery list to also review your food safety checklist. We often find we don't have enough room in our refrigerators for all we have planned for and food does stay out longer than usual, as family conversations linger.

Our first goal needs to be serving safe food to our families and to our guests. I have compiled some websites to answer commonly asked food preparation/turkey preparation questions during the holidays. Have a safe and peaceful holiday season!

You can contact your local Broward County Extension office at (954) 370-3725 with additional questions.

Work carefully and diligently to avoid potential holiday food preparation and storage hazards. Enjoy all of your holiday meals.

“Happy Holidays” to you and your family from all of us here at the Broward County Extension Office!

(Note: The following websites/links are provided for your general information. The site information provided does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of any organization nor is disapproval implied of sites not mentioned. The reference links provided are maintained by their organizations and they are solely responsible for their content, update, maintenance and policies and procedures.) 

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