Athletic Fields

Athletic Fields

**All fees are subject to applicable Florida sales tax.**

Field Preparation*:
Ballfield (baseball or softball) - $20 per lining (includes dragging)
Athletic field (flag football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby) - $150 per lining; $40 for relining
Tackle football - $200 per lining; $75 for relining

Football, Baseball, and Soccer Field Rental*:
Field rentals - $25 per field per hour
Add on lighting - $15 per field per hour

Softball/Baseball Tournament*:
$120 per field per eight hours (includes dragging and lining); $25 each additional hour per field; add on lighting at $15 per field per hour. Any additional lining and dragging costs $20.

Artificial Cricket Pitch or North Field (Brian Piccolo Park):
$100 per six hours; cricket boundary or 30-yard circle lining $20; cricket curator fee per hour $45

Turf Cricket Pitch or South Field (Brian Piccolo Park):
$170 all day (includes lining of pitch)

Artificial Cricket Pitch/Field (Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium and Tradewinds Park & Stables):
$120 per six hours; $25 each additional hour per field. To add on lighting, $15 per field per hour.

*Brian Piccolo Park & Velodrome, Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium, Sunview Park, and Tradewinds Park & Stables

Insurance Requirements