Cancellation Fees
Cancellation Fees

Any cancellations must be made at least 14 days prior to the reservation date. Refund requests must be submitted in writing, by fax, or via email to park management and accompanied by a paid receipt.

Refund requests do not automatically mean approval of a refund.

If payment was made by check of cash, approved refund requests will be received in the form of a County issued check in approximately six to eight weeks.

Credit card refunds are typically refunded within 5 working days.

The prevailing cancellation fee, which can also be found on the receipt or park permit, will be applied to all cancellation requests.

The following fees (plus sales tax) are applicable to any cancellation of a reservation for use of a facility, or the transfer of any rental fees to another reservation date, which is not made at least 15 days prior to the reserved date. The cancellation or transfer fees may be waived by the Division Director or the Director's designee due to any unforeseeable circumstance that may negatively impact the health, safety, and welfare of the public, as determined by the Director or the Director's designee.

Shelters (small to large), funbrellas, athletic fields, campground sites - $25

Extra-large shelters, stage, Showmobile, portable bleachers, tents, and community centers - $50

Buildings (halls), corporate pavilions, cabins - $100

Camping (Rent-a-Tent/Tepee) - $5