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Fees & Rentals

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Vendor Information


All new and renewing vendors are required to pay a $150 vendor fee with the submittal of their new vendor application, updated criminal background screening affidavit, and certificate of insurance. Please make checks payable to Broward County Board of County Commissioners.
If a party or other special event is planned at a park or park shelter, patrons may choose their own caterers and vendors as long as the vendors have completed the application process and paid the vendor fee to become a registered vendor.
"Registered vendor" means a business has provided an application and a current certificate of insurance; paid a fee; and completed a criminal background affidavit (see below). "Registered" does not mean that we recommend one vendor over another. If you have a caterer or business that is preferred, and they are not on the registered list, have them email
Registered Vendor Application
If you are unable to register by downloading the application, please call 954-357-8164 or email Walk-in vendor registration is NOT accepted without an appointment.

Prohibited Apparatus

Trackless trains; water apparatus (dunk tanks, slip-and-slides, and inflatable waterslides); non-kiddie rides; super amusement rides; mechanical bulls; privately owned amusement apparatus and/or mechanical and non-mechanical amusement rides; and trampolines and bungee-type apparatus are not permitted in the parks.


Vendors must provide their own generators.


Petting zoos are not permitted in the parks. Registered Vendors are allowed to provide Educational Animal Exhibits that separate the animals, by fences or other means, from patrons. Farm animals may be petted by patrons, in which case the vendor must provide soap and water or hand sanitizer. Class I and Class II animals are not permitted in the parks under any circumstances. A vendor who intends to provide Educational Animal Exhibits must provide a list of animals as well as the educational component associated with each animal and a care plan for the animals while they are onsite.

Cooking, Catering, & Food Trucks

No onsite cooking is allowed at nature centers. Food must be cooked offsite and then brought into the park, where it can be kept warm until used.

Certificate Requirements for All Vendors

  1. Certificate must be signed by insurance company's authorized representative.
  2. Broward County, 950 N.W. 38th St., Oakland Park, FL 33309, must be listed as certificate holder.
  3. Certificate holder (Broward County) must be named as additional insured.
  4. Please include a brief description of business operations. Include business contact name and phone number on certificate. Fax certificates to 954-357-8156.
  5. $500,000 minimum general liability insurance is required, except where noted below.  

Food Vendors

$500,000 minimum liability insurance is required (must include products liability). Additional $500,000 liability insurance must be in effect for beer and wine. Liquor, where allowed by Broward County Ordinance 2009-65, requires $1 million liability insurance.

Bounce House and Amusement Apparatus

$500,000 minimum liability is required. In addition, attendants must be at least 18 years old and must be present, alert, and actively monitoring bounce houses at all times.

Deejays, Clowns, Magicians, Florists, Photographers, & Characters

$300,000 minimum liability is required.

Tent Suppliers

$500,000 minimum liability is required; products liability is not required.

Wall or Rock Climbing

$500,000 minimum general liability insurance is required; products liability is not required. In addition, an attendant at least 18 years old must be in attendance at all times that the wall or rock climbing is operating.
For additional information, call Parks Vendors at 954-357-8164. Fax certificates to 954-357-8156, or email​​.​​