Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Minutes Meeting of June 3, 2009
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7:30 a.m. - Plantation Heritage Park - Plantation

Members Present: Members Absent: Others Present:
Sharon Kent Alanna Mersinger Bob Harbin, Parks & Rec.
Terry Danger Mike Harlan, Parks & Rec.
Marc Kiar Jim Federici, Public Works
Stephen Lawson Chester Pruitt, Parks & Rec.
Jack Mathison Bill Hartl, Parks & Rec.
Stephanie Munson Pat Young, Parks & Rec.
Quentin Morgan Shelly Turetzky, Parks & Rec.
Guy Roper Laura Frank, Parks & Rec.
Sheila Rose Toni Peyton, Parks & Rec.
Milette Thurston Dick Martorelli, Parks & Rec.
Jack Talabisco Laurel Person, Parks & Rec.
Bruce Edwards Brenda Roby, Parks & Rec.
Richard Simon Andrea Chimienti, Parks & Rec.

The meeting was called to order by Quentin Morgan, Chair at 7:30 a.m., after which all present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Morgan asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of May 6, 2009. Jack Mathison made the motion, which was seconded by Jack Talabisco and passed unanimously.

Employee of the Month for June and July 2009

Brenda Roby was congratulated as Employee of the Month for June. She was applauded for her accomplishments and work ethics and was awarded a framed certificate of appreciation and a gift certificate for an area restaurant. Andrea Chimienti was congratulated as Employee of the Month for July. She was applauded for her accomplishments and work ethics and was awarded a framed certificate of appreciation and a gift certificate for an area restaurant.

Park Manager’s Report

Bill Hartl, Parks and Recreation Manager III at Plantation Heritage Park, welcomed the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PAB). Mr. Hartl provided the board members with a handout that gave an overview of improvements, renovations, and special events at Plantation Heritage Park.

Parks and Recreation Division (Parks) Update

Bob Harbin informed the PAB that the County had the first state-wide exercise for hurricane preparedness and immediately after the PAB meeting; staff needs to report to the Emergency Operations Center for computer training. The Parks Division is responsible for water, food, and ice with 41 Points of Delivery (PODS) that could be opened around the County depending on where the storm hit and the severity of it. Toni Peyton coordinates these efforts within our Parks, along with a number of surrounding municipalities.

Negotiations for the Family Aquatics Center at Tradewinds is about to be wrapped up. Staff is tentatively scheduling to bring an agreement to the Board after the summer break.

Several months ago, the Miami Herald printed an article about lead remediation at target ranges. Parks has since brought in several companies to look at Markham Park Target Range. Parks are already doing a number things as far as lead recycling on the 50 and 100-yard ranges. One issue is at the skeet and trap field in which they shoot over water. This practice makes it difficult to recover the shot. The companies are advising Parks on methods to recover and recycle the lead.

Bond Construction Update

Jim Federici provided the PAB with a projects status report handout. The prototypes projects; Osswald Park basket ball court is done, the building permits have been obtained for the corporate shelter and maintenance facility at Tradewinds Park. Vista View Parks going well, draining work is done, the foundation and walls going in. DB2 involves three parks; Quiet Waters, Tradewinds, and North Broward Park, negotiations are scheduled to begin this week and then staff will work on getting a contract done. Miramar Pinelands is another DB job in which staff has received proposals and is preparing a document to go to the Board for consultant selection.

Old Business

Shelly Turetzky provided an update on the strategic plan assignments. There were 13 secret shopper visits and surveys completed by PAB members; the goal was to do 9 with one representative of each District. This goal can be refined for next year in terms of which locations specifically that would be. The suggestion boxes have been at 8 parks on a rotational basis. There has not been a great deal of suggestions; however, the ones received were well taken.

Laura Frank informed members that currently the PAB email link has a glitch and is not live. IT Section is working on this to get it corrected. Also, at the last meeting the PAB inquired about a customer satisfaction survey which could be automatically sent with every email response. This requires ETS approval, therefore if the PAB would like this added, staff will need to put in a request. Sheila Rose advised that the City of Coconut Creek has a system in place that is very helpful and ensures prompt replies. Staff will look into this.

Staff acknowledges that Parks procedures for volunteer applications are cumbersome and have been trying to find ways to streamline it. Toni Peyton further researched the reason Parks volunteer procedure are more difficult than other agencies. The School Board accepts online applications and there is no verification of what is in that application. The Broward County Attorney’s Office (CAO), Risk Management, and Human Resources feel that there needs to be more involvement. Risk Management requests a criminal background check to be submitted with a photo ID. Additionally, the volunteer needs to meet with the park manager in order to coordinate and determine what type of jobs they will be doing, read and understand policies and procedures, and finally the CAO wants original signatures. Millette Thurston asked once the application is received, what is the procedure from there and getting the volunteer active? Ms. Peyton advised that that application comes to her office where it is processed and once everything is verified, the volunteer is active, approximately a two day turn around. According to our records, there are 2000 Parks volunteers. Bruce Edwards asked the cost of background check. Ms. Peyton stated approximately $15 and comes out of Risk Management budget. Ms. Thurston asked if the volunteer is approved for the one park only. Ms. Peyton advised that the parks do have rover volunteers and it depends on the parks needs. Stephen Lawson asked if volunteers know what would disqualify them in a background check. Ms. Peyton confirmed that it is noted on the application, particularly a felony or drugs.

Mr. Harbin updated the PAB regarding the dragon boat club container at West Lake Park. Staff prepared a Report the Board on this issue. The County Administrator has not determined whether or not this will be brought before the Board. Blazing Paddles have contacted Parks with a request for public record, which has been complied with. Parks are not recommending to the Board to allow the Blazing Paddles container to remain in West Lake Park. We are suggesting that it be allowed to remain there until September 30, 2009, which is when the Specific Use Permit expires. Bruce Edwards ask what happened with the Park Manager that allowed this. Did he not understand the permit or just an error? Mr. Harbin said the Manager was attempting to be Sunsational, he meant well. This procedure has been corrected. Guy Roper asked if the group has insurance to cover their fundraisers or another patron riding in their boat. Toni Peyton informed the PAB that Blazing Paddles has $1 million general liability and they have not taken out any additional umbrella coverage.

New Business

Dick Martorelli provided an overview of the budget reduction exercises that Parks has gone through. Basically, there are three levels of reductions with Level 1 having the least impact to the public, Level 2 having moderate impact and Level 3 having extreme impact. At Level 2 there is impact to the employees. Staff submitted a total of $6,387,514 in budget cuts; Level 1 is at $1,883,000; Level 2 is at $1,221,000; Level 3 is at $3,282,000. The budget reductions start with items such as privatization of lifeguard services, closing the parks another day and losing 142 positions.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is at Fern Forest Nature Center, September 2, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. which includes a public forum.