Parks Advisory Board Minutes Meeting of December 3, 2008
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7 a.m. - West Lake Park/Anne Kolb Nature Center, Hollywood

Members Present Members Absent Others Present
Sharon Kent Bruce Edwards Bob Harbin, Parks & Rec.
Terry Danger Edward Portner Mike Harlan, Parks & Rec.
Marc Kiar Guy Roper Jim Federici, Public Works
Stephen Lawson Jack Talabisco Sarah Perkins, Parks & Rec.
Sheila Rose Milette Thurston Jim Davis, Parks & Rec.
Jack Mathison Gayle Preston, Parks & Rec.
Alanna Mersinger John Caprio, Parks & Rec.
Quentin Morgan Shelly Turetzky, Parks & Rec.
Martin Gross, Public Works
Matt Berman, Parks & Rec.
Patrice Eichen, County Atty
Laura Frank, Parks & Rec.

The meeting was called to order by Quentin Morgan, Chair at 7:30 a.m., after which all present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Morgan asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of September and November, 2008. Sheila Rose made the motion, which was seconded by Sharon Kent and passed unanimously. Patrice Eichen noted that she was present at the November meeting.

Mr. Morgan presented Bill Spute with a plaque commemorating his years of service with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Several of the Board members spoke thanking Mr. Spute for his service and praising his efforts.

Employee of the Month for December 2008

John Caprio was congratulated as Employee of the Month for December. He was applauded for his accomplishments and work ethics and was awarded a framed certificate of appreciation and a gift certificate for an area restaurant.

Park Manager’s Report

Jim Davis, manager at West Lake Park and the Anne Kolb Nature Center, welcomed the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PAB). Mr. Davis stated since the last time the PAB was that West Lake a new park has been added, Snake Warriors Island Natural Area. Snake Warrior's Island is a 53 acre natural area located in Miramar. Mr. Davis gave out a two-page briefing of the parks. Major accomplishments this past year - tennis courts have been refinished, new automatic doors at the Anne Kolb Nature Center, roofs were replaced at five facilities at Hollywood North Beach and new doors and restrooms were added as well, and a new perimeter fencing was installed both east and west at the Westlake Park entrance, a new fence around the Manatee playground. Some projects they are looking forward to; a new surface on the Manatee playground which is the water facility and work is scheduled to begin Monday; they are close to awarding the bid to replace roofs on the three major facilities at the Nature Center; a wish list would be to put up a new perimeter fencing at Snake Warrior's Island.

Parks and Recreation Division (Parks) Update

Mr. Harbin reminded the members if someone cannot make the Advisory Board meeting that month, please notify our office so that it can be noted and ensure there will be a quorum. Also, the Employee of the Month gift cards are low and we will need help in replenishing that.

Bond Construction Update

Jim Federici handed out an updated project status report. Plantation Heritage Park has made progress over the last month. The contractor had thought he was finished and the Park manager did not agree. After several meetings with them, the contractor completed the required improvements. The prototypes jobs that are scattered around the County; prototype maintenance building, covered basketball courts, and corporate shelters are moving along. Four basketball courts are making progress; the steel has been erected at West Park and has arrived at Osswald Park which will also be erected within the next week or so. North Broward Park and Franklin Park contractors have staged their work so within two or three months that will be completed. The corporate shelters at CB Smith and Markham have broken ground and a roof has been placed on the one at CB Smith. One of the maintenance facilities at Tree Tops Park has begun. A contract has been awarded at Vista View Park to MBR Construction and they have received their first notice to proceed, therefore, construction will commence shortly. The Design Build Two (DB2) job has received proposals from three shortlisted firms and staff is putting together a matrix that will back to the Selection Committee, after which they will begin negotiations on an agreement. Miramar Pinelands is at about the same stage as the DB2 job. Sharon Kent noted the last Park listed on a project report, Lafayette Hart Park states budget concerns, Was that not covered in the Bond issue? Bob Harbin answered no was not, the biggest concern is with the homeowners and the community center. Parks will try to appropriate money in next year's budget to do some capital improvement. If the Park is annexed in the future, a City would have concerns about additional operating costs.

Old Business

Shelly Turetzky reviewed the Strategic Planning and the PAB By-laws. Starting with the Strategic Plan, recently the Office of Public and Governmental Relations, which oversees the Advisory Boards requested an update of specific performance measures that each advisory board were going to use in order to measure their accomplishments for that year. A committee was formed with Sharon Kent, Bill Spute, and Guy Roper to develop a strategic plan to provide to the PAB. The PAB has reviewed this plan and staff is looking for their approval in order to move this forward. Staff would also like to discuss how to divide the various goals and objectives in the strategic plan and how they will get accomplished. The PAB needs to keep in mind that should business be transacted between members, the meeting must be Sunshined. Many of the items discussed may be matter-of-fact observations of the Park or research that does not require give-and-take between PAB members. Marc Kiar motioned to approve the Strategic Plan, Terry Danger seconded, all were in favor. Patrice Eichen stated if any of the members have questions whether there is an issue of Sunshine Law, they can contact Mr. Harbin's office or The County Attorney's Office for clarification. The Sunshine Law does allow for meetings which fact are gathering, therefore, if two members are out somewhere getting this type of information, it does not need to be Sunshined. However, if two members are out and are tasked to get information to bring back before the PAB and if members are discussing recommendations that would require a Sunshine Ad. Sharon Kent stated that if a member is out visiting a Park as a part of this measure, there needs to be some type of follow-up report done. Volunteers are needed to do assignments and take on some of these responsibilities in order to keep our goals. This may need to be addressed on the next agenda, that's up to the Board. Mr. Harbin suggested forming a committee to assign volunteers to do certain tasks. Sheila Rose said that part of the observations and secret shopper missions and other items identified in the strategic plan measures might prove more successful by asking for volunteers for particular tasks. It may be the committee will come up with a way of asking for volunteers. The Board may be able to cull down some of the items and send out an e-mail to board members asking for volunteer to do a project particular task, on a quarterly basis or whatever is determined by the PAB. Terry Danger noted that Objective Three states the PAB is to implement a response mechanism and report it by 12/31/08. Terry Danger motioned to change the date to 3/30/09, Jack Mathison seconded, all in favor. Ms. Rose motioned to approve the By-laws, Jack Mathison seconded, and all were in favor. Mr. Morgan asked if there are any volunteers for the performance measures committee. Ms. Rose stated that if Sharon Kent heads-up the committee she would volunteer, Ms. Kent agreed. Mr. Mathison also volunteered to be on the committee.

Mike Harlan reviewed the proposed Amusement Ride and Apparatus Policy. This is the same draft that was presented and discussed at the November meeting. Basically, this policy allows up to three kiddy rides in the parks system, it disallows non-kiddies rides and super amusement rides. Alanna Mersinger asked if this is acceptable to the County attorney and the vendors that are involved. Mr. Harbin stated that it was, Ms. Eichen, Mr. Harlan, vendors and other staff members were all involved with drafting the policy. Ms. Eichen said this policy protects property, businesses, persons with small companies against a company that may come in the equipment and leave it unattended, risk management was involved and a compromise by all was achieved. Ms. Rose asked how this was going to go forward from here. Mr. Harbin said the County Commission was waiting for the PAB recommendation and it will go before them for approval. Ms. Kent motion to approve the proposed draft policy, Mr. Mathison seconded, and all were in favor.

Martin Gross, project manager, presented the Carpenter House master plan. Mr. Gross reviewed the plans, which is to do extensive restoration work, exotic removal and its replacement with native plants. The site was zoned for Government Use and was amended to Recreation Open-Space. Mr. Gross went on to describe the site. Mr. Morgan stated that the PAB has seen this master plan before and asked if anything has changed. Mr. Gross stated there have been no changes. The site was presented to the Hollywood Parks Advisory Board recently and it was received favorably. Ms. Kent motion to accept the master plan, Mr. Danger seconded, and all were in favor.

New Business

The next item is the Chair and Vice Chair nominations for the 2009 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Mr. Morgan asked if there are any nominations. Ms. Rose nominated Quentin Morgan to retain the seat as Chair, Ms. Mersinger are seconded, and all were in favor. Ms. Mersinger nominated Sheila Rose to be a Vice Chair, Terry Danger seconded and all were in favor.

Matt Berman with SWIM Central presented a PowerPoint presentation that was created in conjunction with the Children's Services Council regarding drownings in Broward County. SWIM Central is celebrating 10 years of water safety and effectively decreasing drowning numbers in Broward County. About three months ago, staff was asked by asked one of the program’s funders, the Children's Services Council, to do an investigation. Mr. Berman went through the PowerPoint presentation providing statistics on the drownings as it relates to demographics within the County. Ms. Mersinger asked in the case of a child being submerged for 2 to 3 hours, was a missing person report submitted. Mr. Berman stated that in one case the police were in the home taking a report and the child was in the pool. After the report’s findings, the question is where we go from here. One common factor in many of the cases was that Children Protective Investigative Services had already been to the home and that may be the starting point. A survey was created and will be delivered to the Broward Sheriff's Office, once a case is initiated, they will fill it out and give a carbon copy to the parents and the other will go to the Children's Services Council and for a 60 day period, they will document and generate some numbers. The hope is also that the fire department will also implement a safety program by making sure fences are put up around the pools, door alarms are installed, make sure broken locks are fixed. All of these cases have one thing in common, not one pool had a fence. Many are a Section 8 renter and are subsidized by Broward County; therefore, perhaps an ordinance needs to be passed by the County Commission making the owners of these properties responsible for installing a fence around the pool. Stephen Lawson said that maybe if the property is Section 8 the ordinance should restrict pools at that location completely. Mr. Berman said in 2003, legislation was passed that every new pool constructed had to have a pool fence. Existing pools were grandfathered in. Ms. Rose asked for clarification on the pool fence legislation, she believes that the legislation refers to fencing around the yard not the pool. Mr. Berman stated he understands the legislation to be a fence around the pool. He will verify that. Mr. Danger stated that the real problem is the foreclosed homes with dirty pools. Ms. Mersinger said legislators should be petitioned to ensure that code enforcement officers are making pool safety a priority rather than fining for overgrown lawns. Ms. Rose referred back to Section 8, her interpretation of the building code is that as long as the core of the yard is fenced and audible detectors are on any exit of the house that suffices. Mr. Harbin stated he had wanted to share this report with the PAB to see the performance measures this program has accomplished. Staff is very proud of this program. When the Swimming Pool Challenge Grant came up the PAB recommended to the Board of County Commissioners $4 million in additional funds and from there 18 additional pools were constructed, heated and were within walking distance of a school.

Next Meeting

Ms. Rose said the next meeting is January 7, 2009 and the location is to be determined. Laura Frank will advise in the near future.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 a.m.