Brownie Troop at Hillsboro Pineland
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 Brownie Troop  Brownie Troop  Brownie Troop

On June 29, 2013, West Boca Brownie Troop #20372 volunteered to remove invasive plants at Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area. For two hours, the girls ranging from ages 7-9 years old were successful at removing eight 50 gallon bags filled with Muscadine Grape – (Vitis rotundifolia).

The group showed enthusiasm, hard work and a real passion for  nature. As the girls encountered obstacles, their Brownie  training kicked in and they solved each problem as a team with only smiles and laughter. Impressive can’t begin to describe this group - they worked harder and more intently than one would expect, especially for this age group. The infectious happiness and passion the Brownie Troop brought to the cleanup was spread to both the animals and plants of Hillsboro Pineland - even the elusive Tarflower (Bejaria racemosa) has re-emerged and is as healthy as ever.   

Staff cannot thank these young volunteers enough and hope that their love and passion for nature spreads like wildflowers.