Eagle Scouts at Plantation Heritage Park

Eagle Scouts at Plantation Heritage Park


Anne Kolb Memorial Trail Dedication 

(Anne Kolb Memorial Nature Trail Dedication
held on October 19, 2013)


Anne Kolb Memorial Trail 

(The Anne Kolb Memorial Nature Trail)


Since 2011, a number of Eagle Scout candidates volunteered to assist in the renovation and clearing of the Anne Kolb Memorial Nature Trial in Plantation Heritage Park. Eagle candidates were challenged not only to communicate with Parks staff, but to work in a supervisory role and make decisions on their projects and assign duties to other scouts, family members, and friends.  

There were three components to each project:

1. Brains, brawn, or both (the scouts can be artists, carpenters, architects, etc.)

2. Learning about native plants

(a)  native plants that grow in communities

(b)  native plants that grow where you do not want them (otherwise known as weeds)

3. Learning about non-native invasive plants

(a) many invasive, non-native plants are fruit trees or common household and landscape plants

(b)  these plants disrupt native plant communities

(c)  only non-native plants are considered invasive

(d)  invasive plants are difficult to control


The following Eagle Scouts assisted in the renovation of the Anne Kolb Memorial Nature Trail: 

1. Joshua Fitzgibbon, Troop 190 (project completed March 2011)

· Installed 30 numbered posts for interpretation in the pineland, high hammock, coastal hammock, low hammock, and basin plant communities.

· Installed the following native plants in the appropriate plant communities:

4 beautyberry, Callicarpa Americana

4 gallberry, Ilex glabra

1 wax myrtle, Myrica cerifera

12 saw palmetto, Serenoa repens

9 wild coffee, Psychotria nervosa

· Removed 70+ bags of the non-native invasive Devil’s backbone, Kalanchoe daigremontia, and placed by dumpster.

2. Bryan Piper, Troop 245 (project completed October 2011)

· Installed 30 numbered posts for interpretation in the prairie and pineland plant communities.

· Built and installed four benches.

· Installed 214+ muhly grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, in the meadow/prairie to delineate the edge.

· Removed 90+ bags of non-native invasive Devil’s backbone, Kalanchoe daigremontia and placed by dumpster.

3. Alex Bliss, Troop 190 (project completed October 2012)

· Designed and built a wooden overlook on the south side of the cypress basin.     

· Installed the following native plants in the low hammock:

2 marlberry, Ardisia escallonioides

4 beautyberry, Callicarpa Americana

4 myrsine, Myrsine cubana

1 elderberry, Sambucus nigra

1 satin leaf, Chrysophyllum oliviforme

2 shortleaf wild coffee, Psychotria sulzneri

25 wild coffee seedlings, Psychotria nervosa

2 cocoplum, Chrysobalanus icaco

24 sand cordgrass, Spartina bakeri

· Removed several bags of the non-native invasives rosary pea, Abrus precatorius, and Ganges primrose, Asystasia gangetica.

4. Michael Jimenez, Troop 406 (project completed February 2013)

· Researched and designed entrance sign for the Anne Kolb Memorial Trail.

· Installed the following plants in the cypress basin and along the western edge:

4 swamp fern, Blechnum serrulatum

4 beautyberry, Callicarpa Americana

1 buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis

1 green-tipped cocoplum,  Chrysobalanus icaco

1 satin leaf, Chrysophyllum oliviforme

2 duck potato, Sagittaria lancifolia

1 elderberry, Sambucus Canadensis

1 potato tree, Solanum erianthum

1 Hottentot fern, Thelypteris interrupta

2 crownbeard, Verbesina virginica

· Removed five bags of rosary pea, Abrus precatorius, from the low hammock and 15 bags of St. Augustine grass, Stenotaphrum secundatum, from the pineland and cypress basin.

5. Ian Hoecker, Troop 406 (project completed March 2013)

· Designed, built, and installed a cement gravity-fed drip fountain for wildlife.

· Installed the following plants on the western edge of the coastal hammock:

2 beautyberry, Callicarpa Americana

4 myrsine, Myrsine cubana

15 wild coffee seedlings, Psychotria nervosa

1 potato tree, Solanum erianthum

1 nettle tree, Trema micrantha

2 crownbeard, Verbesina virginica

· Removed several bags of rosary pea, Abrus precatorius, and Ganges primrose, Asystasia gangetica, from the coastal hammock.