Eagle Scouts at Tradewinds Park & Stables
Eagle Scouts at Tradewinds Park & Stables
On July 29, 2017, Eagle Scout Gregory Davis, with Boy Scout Troop 111, completed his Eagle Scout Project at Tradewinds. Gregory and park management had agreed that installing another purple martin gourd rack system would be a worthwhile venture, complementing the three martin houses and two gourd rack systems currently in place, thanks to volunteer Carl Updike. Since Butterfly World's presence on the south side of the park makes the use of insecticides to control mosquito populations unfeasible, a creative and natural solution was devised in 2013 to attract purple martins for insect control. This year alone, approximately a hundred purple martins fledged from the housing installed at the park. Purple martins are native songbirds belonging to the swallow family that migrate annually to winter in Brazil, returning to South Florida in early February. They're people-friendly birds that return each year to their established nesting sites.

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In August 2016, Meir Shifrin of North Miami's Troop 18 worked with a team of other scouts to install two additional bat houses at Tradewinds Park & Stables to complete his Eagle Scout project. The project, agreed upon with park management, supplements the five bat houses installed previously as part of two other Eagle Scout projects. Since the park is unable to use insecticides because world-famous Butterfly World is located within the park, alternative ways to control mosquito populations are crucial. The park has been using bat houses as a natural method of insect control since 2014.
Shifrin and 11 fellow scouts worked through a long, hot day to install the bat houses, periodically pausing as summer storms rolled through the park. The staff at Tradewinds extend their thanks to Shifrin and his team for their contribution to the park and the communities it serves.
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On Saturday, May 16, 2015, Boy Scout Kevin Thomas completed his Eagle Scout project at Tradewinds Park & Stables. Thomas and nine other volunteers worked 45 hours to place six fish attractors in the park's waters. The structures were permitted through the South Florida Water Management District and were designed to comply with state specifications. The project will benefit the public for years to come, as they help provide cover for the young and developing fry. The concrete boxes used to construct the fish attractors were made using a mold Thomas designed and created. The staff of Tradewinds thanks Kevin for improving the quality of the park's lake waters and for providing a better habitat for populating fish.



In February 2013, John Stokoe, from Boy Scout Troop Troop 321, contacted Tradewinds Park management regarding his offer to complete an Eagle Scout Project at the park. They discussed some ideas and mutually agreed that installing bat houses would be a worthwhile project. The south side of Tradewinds Park is home to world-famous Butterfly World, and with its presence County staff is unable to apply any insecticides to control mosquito populations. A creative solution was to increase the bat population to reduce mosquitos in a natural fashion.


The bat house construction project was researched, presented, and approved for completion. On August 16, 2014, John Stokoe brought a crew of scouts and materials to install three new bat houses. The installations were in areas that park management discussed and approved that would be most beneficial to park patrons. Park staff surveyed the work completed and all were in agreement that the work was of high quality and that best practices were used.
The staff at Tradewinds Park really appreciates John R. Stokoe’s time, research, and generous contribution to the community. His work will result in park patrons having a more enjoyable experience at Tradewinds Park for a long time to come.