Summer 2015 Workday Projects at Quiet Waters Park

Seventh-Day Adventists

A huge thank-you to the Youth Impact Initiative of the Youth Department of the Florida Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. Every year young people from all over the State of Florida come together to make a difference in local communities. The idea is to share a message of hope. These young people, ages 14 to 20, pay their own expenses and spend one week in a local community performing different services. This year they chose to help out at Quiet Waters Park on June 23 and 24. A total of 45 youths and 10 adults worked for more than 165 hours, repainting a restroom, removing invasive plants from the mountain bike trails, and conducting a waterway cleanup along the shores of three lakes in the park. An immediate impact was seen from all this hard work!
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Boy Scout Troop 119
On July 18, Boy Scout Troop 119 from the City of Deerfield Beach volunteered to work along the park's nature trail. The scouts were working toward their Citizenship in the Community merit badge, a required badge to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. In one day, 10 scouts and one adult volunteered more than 80 hours, removing Jack-in-the-bush (Chromolaena odorata) and ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) in order to allow native Florida plants to grow in their place.
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Developmental Intervention Specialists Boca Raton Center
On August 8, a dozen women from Developmental Intervention Specialists Boca Raton Center also worked all afternoon on the same Quiet Waters Park nature trail, removing the above-mentioned invasive species. The outing was planned as a team-building exercise, and the participants demonstrated how a solid team can make a difference while giving back to their community.
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