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Official Ceremonies
​October 12, 2018​Quiet Waters Park - Woofing Waters Dog Park & Marina
​June 23, 2018​Washburn Park - Opening Ceremony
​June 20, 2018​Lafayette Hart Park - Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony - Park Improvements
​November 2, 2017​Tree Tops Park - Memorial Fitness Zone Opening
​September 28, 2017​Vista View Park - Memorial Fitness Zone Opening
​June 21, 2017​Reverend Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park - Destination Fitness Opening
​May 12, 2017​C.B. Smith Park - Memorial Fitness Zone Opening
​April 29, 2017​Tradewinds Park & Stables - Micro-Apiary Opening
​March 3, 2017​Carpenter House - Marine Environmental Education Center Opening
​December 15, 2016​Markham Park & Target Range - Memorial Fitness Zone Opening
​December 18, 2015​Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome - Memorial Fitness Zone Opening
​January 24, 2015​Markham Park & Target Range - Adaptive Mountain Bike Trail Opening
​October 16, 2014​Deerfield Highlands Nature Preserve Opening
​September 6, 2014​West Creek Pineland Natural Area Opening
​May 22, 2014​Deerfield Island Park - Intracoastal Dock Opening
​April 26, 2014​C.B. Smith Park - Paradise Pipeline Waterslide Opening
​December 13, 2014​T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park - Memorial Fitness Zone Opening
​November 9, 2013​Plantation Heritage Park - Anne Kolb Memorial Trail Reopening
​March 1, 2013​Miramar Pineland Opening
​June 3, 2012​Everglades Holiday Park - reverted to Broward County management
​March 9, 2012​Carpenter House at Hollywood North Beach Park - Sneak Preview
​April 15, 2011​Military Trail Natural Area Opening
​June 23, 2010​Quiet Waters Park - reopening of Splash Adventure
​May 7, 2010​Herman & Dorothy Shooster Preserve Dedication
​November 13, 2009​Vista View Park - Expansion Opening
​March 14, 2008​Long Key Natural Area & Nature Center Opening
​March 2008​Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium - Tropical Splash Water Park Opening
​February 1, 2008​Helene Klein Pineland Preserve Opening
​November 26, 2007​Roosevelt Gardens Park Opening
​November 9, 2007​Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium Opening
​October 27, 2007​T.Y. Park - Improvements Opening
​October 5, 2007​Highlands Scrub Natural Area Opening
​June 16, 2006​North Andrews Gardens Park* Opening
​March 27, 2006​Boulevard Gardens Community Center Opening
​September 29, 2005​McTyre Park* - Renovations/Expansion Opening
​September 22, 2005​Riverland Woods Park* Opening
​June 10, 2005​Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium Groundbreaking
​March 17, 2005​Markham Park & Target Range - Barkham Dog Park Opening
​April 9, 2004​C.B. Smith Park - Paradise Cove Water Park Opening
​February 24, 2004​Hillsboro Pineland Natural Area Opening
​January 21, 2004​Snake Warrior's Island Natural Area Opening
​July 12, 2003​Vista View Park Opening
​June 27, 2003​Quiet Waters Park - Skate Park Opening
​May 9, 2003​Lewis-Chisom Park Opening
​October 25, 2002​Secret Woods Nature Center - Monarch Interpretive Center Opening
​October 21, 2002​Crystal Lake Sand Pine Scrub Opening
​September 28, 2002​Lafayette Hart Park - New Shelter/Bridge Opening
​August 2002​Reverend Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park - Canoe Launch Opening
​February 7, 2002​Tall Cypress Natural Area Opening
​March 9, 2001​Doris Davis Forman Wilderness Preserve* Opening
​June 17, 2000​Franklin Park Opening
​March 25, 2000​Carver Ranches Park* Opening
​January 14, 2000​Boaters Park Opening
​November 1999​Osswald Park* - Golf Facility Opening
​September 18, 1999​Palm Aire Park Playground* Opening
​August 28, 1999​Franklin Park Groundbreaking
​August 27, 1999​Woodmont Natural Area Opening
​August 21, 1999​Brian Piccolo Sports Park & Velodrome - Skate Park Opening
​September 11, 1998​T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park - Castaway Island Water Park Opening
​June 7, 1997​Reverend Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park - Recreation Center Opening
​February 1996​Anne Kolb Nature Center Opening
​June 10, 1995​Melrose Community Park* Opening
​March 1995​Quiet Waters Park - Splash Adventure Water Park Opening
​December 10, 1994​West Ken Lark Park* - Community Center Rededication
​July 28, 1994​North Andrews Park* Opening
​June 23, 1994​Melrose Community Park* Groundbreaking
​May 21, 1994West Pompano Beach Highlands Park* Opening
​March 3, 1994​Plantation Heritage Park - Fountain Meeting Room Opening
​April 17, 1993​Brian Piccolo Park - Velodrome Opening
​March 13, 1993​Tradewinds Park & Stables - Home Run Batting Cages Opening
​February 13, 1993​North Broward Park* - Concession Building Opening
​October 1992​Plantation Heritage Park - Gazebo Dedication
​September 19, 1992​Osswald Park* - Community Center Dedication
​June 27, 1992​Markham Park & Target Range - Island Recreation Area Opening
​June 20, 1992​Tequesta Trace Park* Opening
​June 6, 1992​St. George Park* - Community Center Opening
​March 21, 1992​Brian Piccolo Park - Velodrome Groundbreaking
​June 15, 1991​Osswald Park* - Community Center Opening
​March 23, 1991​Hollywood North Beach Park - Environmental Enhancements/Recreation Amenities Opening
​January 12, 1991​West Ken Lark Park* - Community Center Opening
​February 22, 1990​Pine Island Ridge Natural Area Opening
​December 21, 1989​St. George Park* - Community Center Groundbreaking
​December 14, 1989​Osswald Park* - Community Center Groundbreaking
​December 9, 1989​Markham Park & Target Range - Clubhouse Opening
​December 7, 1989​West Ken Lark Park* - Community Center Groundbreaking
​November 11, 1989​McTyre Park* - Community Center Opening
​October 1989​Brian Piccolo Park Opening
​April 25, 1989​Cresthaven Park* Opening
​April 21, 1988​Tradewinds Park & Stables - Butterfly World Opening
​July 29, 1987​Sandspur Park* - Dedication of Playground Equipment/Picnic Area
​May 1, 1987​Tradewinds Park & Stables - Butterfly World Groundbreaking
​November 17, 1985​Fern Forest Nature Center Opening
​August 25, 1985​North Broward Park* Reopening
​January 13, 1985​Tradewinds Park & Stables South Opening
​December 16, 1984​Plantation Heritage Park Opening
​September 16, 1984​Markham Park - Target Range Opening
​December 11, 1983​Tree Tops Park Opening
​March 1983​Quiet Waters Park Opening
​June 1982​West Lake Park Opening
​March 13, 1982​C.B. Smith Park Opening
​September 15, 1980​Deerfield Island Park Opening
​May 1978​Secret Woods Nature Center Opening
​February 1977​Tradewinds Park North Opening
​June 1975​Reverend Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park Opening
​May 1974​Lafayette Hart Park Opening
​May 1973​Markham Park Opening
​December 1974​T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park Opening
​January 1965​Easterlin Park Opening
​May 1962​Sunview Park Opening

 *No longer a Broward County Parks and Recreation Division park.