Programs & Classes

One definition of recreation and leisure is: "While recreation may be defined as those activities which an individual is not compelled to do, but rather which are chosen based upon the establishment of their value as being enjoyable, satisfying, interesting, diverting, or otherwise capable of sustaining pleasure for that individual, the exact method or application of recreation varies greatly from individual to individual."

In other words, what people like to do when they are not working can vary tremendously.

Programs vary by park and usually are ongoing or repeat during certain seasons. For example, there is an afterschool program at neighborhood parks during the school year. During the summer, we offer a summer recreation program.

There are programs for special populations and even programs designed for pet owners.

When a program involves an instructor, it is referred to as a recreation class. Many classes are offered at parks.

With a County as populated as Broward, it is a big order to meet everyone's recreation and leisure preferences. We are always open to ideas and suggestions. Please use our on-line survey or e-mail us with your ideas at


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