Facility Rules & Regulations
1. Admission/Fees: This permit does not include the gate admission fees charges on weekends and holidays or any park amenity fees. Everyone (excluding the permit holder) is required to pay gate admission. The permit holder has the option of prepaying gate admission for all guests with this permit. Arrangements must be made with park management two weeks prior to the reservation date.
2. Assignment: No subcontracting on any permit is allowed without written permission from park management.
3. Cancellation/Refund (Rain or Shine): It is to be understood by all parties that the reservation date on this permit is strictly for the date noted and, subject to the park manager’s approval, shall not be affected by weather conditions. Any cancellations or date transfers must be made at least 14 days prior to the reserved date. Refund requests must be submitted in writing (e-mail is acceptable) or by fax to park management and accompanied by the original receipt. Transfers must be done in person or by fax or e-mail; no phone transfers will be accepted. Refund requests do not automatically mean approval of a refund. Approved refund requests will be received in the form of a County-issued check in approximately six to eight weeks, if payment was made by check or cash. Credit card refunds are typically refunded within five working days. All reservations are subject to a $20 cancellation/transfer fee with two weeks written notice and a $50 cancellation/transfer fee for corporate shelters.
4. Cleanup/Security Deposits: This permit is for the reservation of the facility only. The permit holder is required to pay a cash or credit card deposit on the date of use. The cleanup/security deposit should be claimed within one hour of park closing for the day, and the shelter and/or facility must be clean and empty. Extra dumpsters, catering equipment, bounce houses, and portable restrooms must be removed prior to release of the deposit. Returns of cleanup/security deposit refunds are at the discretion of park management.
5. FDLE Sexual Offender/Predator Search: Pursuant to this Specific Use Permit, Permittee will ensure that event personnel, employees, and volunteers, working with or around children at a County park are not listed on the FDLE Sexual Offender/Predator database, located at http://www.fdle.state.fl.us. Employees or volunteers found the FDLE Sexual Offender/Predator database will be prohibited to work at said event. Permittee will provide a statement to the Division Director or designee that offender/predator searches were conducted for all event personnel, employees, and volunteers. It is Permittee’s responsibility to conduct this type of search when changes in event personnel, employees, or volunteers, occur. The Division requires a list of all event personnel, employees, and volunteers, three days prior to the event and when any additions are made.
6. Force Majeure: County shall not be held liable for loss or damage suffered as result of any delay, interruption, or failure in performance, to include loss of facility and/or equipment use, under this Specific Use Permit, resulting directly or indirectly from natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances.
7. Generators/Special Equipment: Outlets at most park shelters are 20 amps only. All bounce houses, amplified music, or other equipment using a significant amount of electricity must be self-sustaining with a generator. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that all vendors and caterers are aware of this requirement. All vendor attractions must be attended by the vendor at all times or the attraction(s) may be shut down by park management. Horses and personal farm animals are not allowed in picnic shelter areas. 
8. Insurance/Permits: Prior to the use of the facility, proof of insurance may be required with a policy naming the Broward County Board of Commissioners as an additional insured so as to provide adequate coverage for the protection of the county and its property. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure that all vendors and caterers are properly licensed and insured. Any and all permits required by local municipalities are also the responsibility of the permit holder. Copies of permits and certificates of insurance must be submitted to park management at least one week prior to the date of the facility use. Park management should be consulted for specific details of necessary permits and insurance. Vendors may not set up prior to insurance being reviewed by park management and approved by the County’s Risk Management Division.
9. Lightning Policy: This Park employs a Lightning Prediction System, which will sound a 15-second horn blast, accompanied by a flashing strobe, alerting you a storm is imminent. Once the alarm has sounded and strobes remain flashing, outdoor activity is to be suspended and you should seek shelter immediately, either in a large building or a vehicle (not a convertible). You may resume outdoor activity only after you hear three 5-second horn blasts indicating that the storm has moved out of the area. IF YOU REMAIN OUTDOORS AFTER A WARNING ALARM IS ISSUED, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.
10. Loud/Amplified Music: Amplified music or loud noise that disturbs other park patrons or adjacent property owners is prohibited, unless otherwise approved by park management. Park Management has the authority to require permit holder to turn sound down or off if it is deemed to be offensive. Failure to comply with this rule will result in loss of the security deposit and may result in expulsion from the park. 
11. Maximum People/Conduct: Attendance at each facility is up to the maximum capacity as established by Broward County Parks and Recreation Division. The expected attendance noted on this permit must be accurate. If park management observes a substantial difference between the actual attendance and expected attendance, the security deposit may not be returned. If expected attendance is 250 or more, additional requirements must be met, i.e., the permit holder must contact appropriate local law enforcement and hire a police detail as deemed necessary by that agency. The permit holder must take all necessary steps to control all guests and/or participants. Any person violating these rules or constituting a public nuisance or potential hazard to public or park property, or exhibiting disorderly conduct, may be expelled from park property without any kind of refund.
12. Nails, staples, tacks, setup/decorations: Deposits will not be refunded if the facility is not left in a clean and empty condition or if nails, staples, or tacks were used to hang to attach decorations. Only tape can be used on park facilities and must be removed.
13. Only Beer/Wine: Pursuant to Chapter 25 ½ of Broward County Code, the consumption of beer and wine only is permitted within certain Broward County parks (and could be designated to only certain areas within a park). Any other beverages with alcohol content are prohibited. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at neighborhood parks without a special permit. Park management has the authority to revoke all permits. Local authorities will be notified is alcoholic beverages are being consumed by minors. Distribution and consumption of all alcoholic beverages must be shut down one hour prior to park closing. Glass containers and bottles are prohibited in the park.
14. Parking: All vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. Any other arrangement must be approved by park management and noted on this permit. Pursuant to Florida Law, park management reserves the right to tow abandoned and illegally parked vehicles or boats.
15. Pets: Where permitted, pets must be on leashes no more than six feet in length.
16. Recycling: Permit holders shall encourage recycling of materials used and make sure recycling bins are not used for garbage.
17. Sale of Goods, Raffles, Etc.: The sale of article, food, or beverage to the public without written park management approval is prohibited.
18. Special Requirements: Extra dumpsters, parking crew, portable toilets, off-duty police officers, etc., may be required, depending on: (1) expected attendance; (2) facility being reserved; (3) use of special equipment; and (4) other miscellaneous conditions as determined by park management.
19. Swimming: No Swimming or wading is permitted in any lakes or bodies of water within or around the park that have not been designated for such use and staffed with certified lifeguards.
Vendors and patrons are NOT permitted to bring into the park or use entertainment equipment that uses water, i.e., waterslides, dunk tanks, etc. This policy enforces the water conservation efforts that Broward County supports.
Noncompliance with any of the above-stated rules may result in revocation or permit, loss of cleanup/security deposit, and immediate expulsion from the park. This conduct could also result in the denial of any subsequent applications for reservation at any Broward County park for a designated time period to be determined by park administration.