Picnic Shelters

Quiet Waters Park offers 12 rental picnic shelters of various sizes for you to host gatherings of friends and family as well as corporate events or cultural festivals. Reservations are required. Check individual shelter pages for specifics.

Shelters / Capacities
American Coot Shelter / 15
Bald Eagle Shelter / 400+
Cabbage Palm Shelter / 36
Dahoon Holly Shelter / 36
Eastern Bluebird Shelter / 36
Fiddlewood Shelter / 50
Great Egret Shelter / 50 
Heron Shelter / 50
Ibis Shelter / 50
Jacaranda Shelter / 50
Kestrel Shelter / 50
Limpkin Shelter / 162 

Please review Broward County Parks and Recreation's detailed Facility Rules and Regulations regarding rentals.

Insurance Requirements and Information

Special and/or Public Events: Cultural festivals or fundraising/awareness events that will be open for public attendance, and for which vendors will be contracted for providing catering, bounce houses, or other services, require insurance. Additionally, city requirements and/or fees may apply. For details, please call the park office and speak with a manager.

Private Events: Private events, such as family reunions or birthday parties, for which a vendor will contracted to provide catering, bounce houses, or other services, require the vendor to be an insured, registered vendor with Broward County. Check the current Registered Vendor List. Please review our insurance requirements for additional information and details. This document may also be provided to your insurance provider for clarification and assistance in accurately filing a Certificate of Insurance.

Gate Admission Fee: Charged on weekends and designated county holidays. There is a $1.50-per-person gate admission fee (children 5 and under free).

Prepaid Gate Admission Passes: Prepaid gate admission passes can be purchased at the park office at least 14 days in advance of your event date to ensure ample time for distribution of passes. Prepaid passes cannot be distributed on the day of the event at the entrance gate.