FAQ's About Teaching/Instructing Opportunities

Want to Teach a Class at a Broward County Park?


What’s in it for me?
• Great exposure through increased marketing provided by Broward County Parks and Recreation Division’s Website.
• Reserved class location.
• Fee collections and accounting provided by park staff.
Who do I talk to?
Provide information about your class or program to the manager at the park where you want to teach.
What do I need to do?
Enter into a 70:30 Agreement with Broward County Parks.
What’s a 70:30 Agreement?
A contract for temporary recreational/instructional classes or programs. The contractor/instructor providing the classes or programs is compensated for 70 percent of funds collected.
What documents do I need to enter an agreement?
• Criminal Background Check Forms, available from park management, for yourself and all your instructors.
• Driver’s licenses or photo ID’s for yourself and all your instructors (black-and-white copies only).
• Certificate of Insurance (see requirements on reverse side of this flyer).
• Broward County Local Business Tax Receipt from:
Broward County Records, Taxes, and Treasury Division
Broward County Governmental Center, Room A-100
115 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
• One of the following: Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificate, Copy of Notice of Election to Be Exempt, or Worker’s Compensation Exemption (form available from park management).
• W-9 Form.
• Documentation supporting your qualifications to teach your class/program (resume, relevant certifications/licenses, etc.)


For further questions or to request additional information, call the Business Operations Section at 954-357-8125.