Registered Vendor List

Find a Vendor for Your Next Park Visit
If a park shelter is rented or a party is planned at a park, patrons may choose their own caterers and vendors as long as the vendors have completed the application process and paid the vendor fee to become a registered vendor.

"Registered vendor" means a business has provided an application and a current certificate of insurance; paid a fee; and completed a criminal background affidavit. "Registered" does not mean that we recommend one vendor over another. If you have a caterer or business that is preferred, and they are not on the registered list, have them email

Please note that not all parks allow vendors, some parks have specific vendor restrictions, and some parks have requirements for advance approval of vendors. It is always best to notify the park of your plans BEFORE you book vendors to ensure you are in compliance with park rules.

Registered Vendor List

For information on how to become a registered vendor, please visit the Vendor Information Web page. PLEASE NOTE: Walk-in vendor registration is NOT accepted without an appointment. Please call Parks Vendors at 954-357-8164 or email if you need additional assistance or to schedule an appointment.