55 Ways To Find Summer Fun


1.     Visit an insect museum.

2.     Take an Everglades excursion in an airboat.

3.     Camp out in a tepee.

4.     Learn how to give your yard an extreme makeover.

5.     Search for buried treasure.

6.     Catch a largemouth bass.

7.     Go mountain biking – without leaving your chair.

8.     Pretend to be a pirate.

9.     Learn how to identify constellations.

10.   Watch an amateur talent show.

11.   Go water-skiing – without a boat.

12.   Participate in a sea turtle hatchling release.

13.   Hold a family reunion.

14.   Learn how to swim.

15.   Play detective at a nature center.

16.   Explore a dog park – from a dog’s point of view.

17.   Take a nature hike by moonlight.

18.   Ride a Jet Ski at the edge of the Everglades.

19.   Find out what’s eating your back yard.

20.   Visit an island that was once on Al Capone’s wish list.

21.   Have a staff meeting – away from the office.

22.   Ride a model steam train.

23.   Plunge down a 450-foot waterslide.

24.   Learn to tell a vert wall from a mini-spine.

25.   See the Atlantic and the Intracoastal from atop a tower.

26.   Find out what to plant to attract butterflies.

27.  Play “golf” with a Frisbee.

28.   Learn how to ride a horse.

29.   Fly a radio-controlled model airplane.

30.   Eat lunch – away from your desk.

31.   Learn how to identify frog calls.

32.   Let your kids frolic in a newly renovated kiddie pool.

33.   Witness feeding time in a 3,500-gallon saltwater aquarium.

34.   Go kayaking through a mangrove swamp.

35.   Play miniature golf.

36.   Sign up for a softball team.

37.   Discover some new recipes.

38.   Learn how to sit in the lotus pose.

39.   Compete in a triathlon.

40.   Get married in a hilltop gazebo next to a duck pond.

41.   Ride a bicycle without brakes.

42.   Pet a goat.

43.   Watch a movie in the water.

44.   Get in a few rounds of target practice.

45.   Pretend you’re on an archaeological dig.

46.   Play in a folk music jam session.

47.   Harvest air potatoes.

48.   See how many burrowing owls you can spot.

49.   Learn the difference between black, red, and white mangroves.

50.   Wander through an art exhibit.

51.   Picnic in a park you can reach only by boat.

52.   Enroll your dog in an obedience class.

53.   Try to figure out the game of cricket.

54.   Practice your batting swing.

55.   Cool off under a waterfall.