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Recreation. Preservation. Education.
Find It All – At a Broward County Park


When the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division was established more than half a century ago, it had neither a mission statement nor much else – a county beach, three undeveloped areas, an annual operating budget of $10,000, and average attendance of 950,000 people per year.


Today our park system has grown to include almost 50 regional parks, nature centers, neighborhood parks, and natural area sites at various stages of completion - a total of nearly 6,500 acres. Our annual operating budget is approximately $40 million, and in 2013-2014 we hosted more than 10 million visitors.


Our emphasis has always been on diversity of programming and facilities. You name it, there’s a good chance we have it. Here’s a sampling:




• Basketball (13 parks)
• Batting cages (1 park)
• Boat docks (3 parks)
• Boat ramps (4 parks)
• Boat rentals (7 parks)
• Butterfly park (1 park)
• Cable water-skiing (1 park)
• Campgrounds (5 parks)
• Corporate shelters/pavilions (6 parks)
• Cricket fields (3 parks)
• Disc golf (4 parks)
• Dog park (1 park)
• Educational farm (1 park)
• Equestrian trails (4 parks)
• Exhibit halls (4 parks)
Fishing (12 parks)
• Football/soccer fields (4 parks)

• Golf (miniature) facilities (1 park)
• Horseshoes (8 parks)
• Jogging paths (12 parks)
• Meeting facilities (15 parks)
• Model airplane field (1 park)
• Model steam railroad (1 park)
• Mountain bike trails (2 parks)
• Nature trails (22 parks)
• Netball court (1 park)
• Observatory (1 park)
• Personal watercraft area (1 park)

• Picnic shelters (21 parks)
Playgrounds (19 parks)
Public art (8 parks)
• Racquetball/handball courts (5 parks)
• Riding stables (2 parks)
• Stadium (1 park)
• Tennis courts (7 parks)
• Skate park (1 park)
• Softball/baseball fields (3 parks)
• Swimming pools (2 parks)
• Target range (1 park)
• Velodrome (1 park)
• Volleyball areas (14 parks)
• Water playgrounds (4 parks)
• Waterslides/tube ride (1 park)
• Water-skiing/wakeboarding (1 park)
• Wi-Fi (19 parks, plus Administration and Extension Education)




Broward County Parks and Recreation has long been committed to the idea that recreation isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential component to the quality of life. Recreation is a valuable commodity, especially in a world where so much else vies for our attention on a daily basis. We hope you will take advantage of the wide variety of leisure opportunities available to you in a Broward County park.


For additional information about facilities, programs, and events, call or visit the park of your choice.




The Parks and Recreation Division is dedicated to providing a countywide park system with diverse facilities and recreation opportunities, along with natural area conservation and research-based educational outreach, to enhance the well-being of residents, businesses, and visitors.Mission Statement




Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate in programs, services, and activities must contact the Special Populations Section at 954-357-8170 or TTY 954-537-2844 at least five (5) business days prior to the scheduled meeting or event.