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Here are a number of fun activities to enjoy while visiting a Broward County park:

  1. Visit an insect museum.
  2. Take an Everglades excursion in an airboat.
  3. Camp out in a tepee.
  4. Catch a largemouth bass.
  5. Go mountain biking.
  6. Learn how to identify constellations.
  7. Go water-skiing – without a boat.
  8. Hold a family reunion.
  9. Take a nature hike by moonlight.
  10. Visit an island that was once on Al Capone’s wish list.
  11. Ride a model steam train.
  12. Learn to tell a vert wall from a mini-spine.
  13. See the Atlantic and the Intracoastal from atop a tower.
  14. Learn how to ride a horse.
  15. Learn how to identify frog calls.
  16. Witness feeding time in a 3,500-gallon saltwater aquarium.
  17. Go kayaking through a mangrove swamp.
  18. Play miniature golf.
  19. Get married in a hilltop gazebo next to a duck pond.
  20. Pet a goat.
  21. See how many burrowing owls you can spot.
  22. Learn the difference between black, red, and white mangroves.
  23. Wander through an art exhibit.
  24. Picnic in a park you can reach only by boat.
  25. Try to figure out the game of cricket.
  26. Practice your batting swing.