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Horse Trail Dos and Don'ts

The following rules are applicable to the horse trails at Long Key Natural Area & Nature Center, Tradewinds Park & Stables, Tree Tops Park, and Vista View Park.

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- use designated equestrian areas only.
- unload horse trailers in designated areas only.
- clear equestrian field of all horse trailers 15 minutes prior to park closing.
- provide helmets for under age riders (16 and under). Florida law requires all horseback riders under 16 years of age to wear   a proper horseback-riding helmet.
- show courtesy and respect to other riders.
- use positive and humane methods when training your horse.
- notify a park official if you encounter any emergency situation.
- provide a current proof of your horse's negative Coggins Test upon request.
- make sure your horse has the temperament and training to ride on busy public trails.
- ride at a walk or trot only.
- leave valuables locked in your trunk and not in the view of the public.

Management has the right to prohibit or expel riders from the park if the rules are not followed.


- conduct commercial activity trail rides unless approved in writing by park management.
- solicit horse or pony rides at any time.
- bring dogs onto the horse trails - horses only.
- use paved roads, or any area with a "No Horses" sign, for horse trails.
- bike, play ball, or fly kites on the equestrian - horseback riding only.
- ride near the shelters; stay in equestrian designated areas only.
- park additional vehicles in the equestrian field - vehicles pulling trailers only.
- unload horse trailers in paved areas - use designated area only.
- leave your horse unattended at any time, or tie your horse to a fence, tree, pavilion, or any other equipment.
- use alcoholic beverages on the horse trails.
- canter, gallop, race, or otherwise ride recklessly anywhere in the park.
- pass Tradewinds Farm group trail rides without permission.
- permit your horse to engage in aggressive behavior such as kicking, biting, rearing up, etc.
- leave horse manure in the field or parking lots; please dispose of properly.​