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Micro-Apiary at Tradewinds Park & Stables

The new Tradewinds Micro-Apiary is the first educational micro-apiary in a Broward County park, as well as only the second such facility in the entire state. The first opened in 2016 as part of the Discovery Farm and Gardens at Jaco Pastorius Park in Oakland Park, developed and operated by the nonprofit Urban Farming Institute (UFI). Last fall the UFI launched the Junior Growers Academy at Tradewinds, a 13-week educational program for elementary school students that recently completed its second semester.

In connection with the Junior Growers' Academy, the UFI also established a nearby garden field station at Tradewinds that incorporates such forward-thinking technology as raised "grow bag" gardening, drip irrigation, vertical hydroponics, and a solar-powered aquaponics system.

The micro-apiary represents another step forward in Broward County's continuing commitment to environmental education and protection. In recent years a phenomenon now known as "colony collapse disorder" has resulted in a dramatic decline in the honeybee populations of North America and parts of Europe. A corresponding impact on agricultural crops dependent on honeybees for pollination has also taken place. Urban beekeeping, including micro-apiaries, has increased in popularity in such major metropolitan areas as London, New York, and Toronto as one way to counteract colony collapse.

The apiary itself is a simple, yellow-and-black-striped structure that provides protective housing for multiple beehives while allowing open access from above for the bees to come and go. It is located along the western perimeter of Tradewinds Park (North), at the northern end of the lake adjacent to the park's model steam train railroad station. Glass windows allow visitors to see into the apiary without disturbing the bees within.

The bees, hives, and hive equipment are provided by the Urban Beekeepers, a UFI affiliate that also manages the apiaries at both Tradewinds and Jaco Pastorius parks. The Broward Beekeepers Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of apiculture, will use the Tradewinds facility for public education. Funding sources for the project include the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, which provides educational information about the agricultural importance of honeybees in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties.

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