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By the Numbers

Broward County Transportation Surtax By the Numbers

​​30 number of years covered by the County’s regional mobility plan​​
​0 ​number of material deficiencies identified in the State of Florida’s recent audit of the County’s regional mobility plan
​476 ​number of road projects included in the plan
​709 ​number of city projects included in the plan 
122 ​number of intersections reconfigured to increase traffic flow and reduce bottlenecks
​1.9 million ​current number of Broward County residents

​13 million

​number of visitors projected to come to Broward County in 2018
​$34 ​current per capita funding for roadway projects in Broward County – the lowest in the state
​63 ​number of Florida’s 67 counties that have levied some sort of surtaxes (not Broward)
​20 ​the number of years since the last increase in the gas tax, currently the primary funding source for transportation projects in Broward County
$3 billion 
​​the amount of federal, state and other funding forfeited to other communities because Broward County does not have a dedicated source of funding for transportation projects​​​
​Amount of sales tax paid by residents. The bulk is paid by non-residents.

  Residents 38.67
  Visitors 15.70
  Commuters 3.52
  Businesses (in and out of County) 42.21
  Total 100.00

Source: PMG Associates, Inc.​
6 ​Percent of sales tax in Broward County - one of the lowest in the state and across the nation for metropolitan areas. View comparison charts (PDF)​