New or Used Vehicle Purchase

What can I do if...

I bought a used vehicle yesterday and it broke down today?
First, read all your documents related to the purchase of the vehicle. If your written documents reflect that you were provided with a warranty which the seller is now refusing to honor, contact us at 954-357-5350. However, if the documents reflect that the vehicle was sold to you in “AS IS” condition, you bought the vehicle in the condition it was in at the time of the sale and the seller has no further obligation to you. If the seller made oral statements to you regarding a warranty or the condition of the vehicle which are not contained in the written documents, you will need to pursue enforcement through the courts. When purchasing a used vehicle, you must negotiate with the seller for a warranty. When a seller is unwilling to offer even a brief period of warranty protection, it may be that the seller is aware of possible problems with the vehicle, and you may therefore wish to consider not purchasing that vehicle.

I was late one day with my vehicle payment and my vehicle was repossessed?
First, read your financing documents as they should state when and what penalties arise if your payment is late. You may also wish to contact the Florida Department of Financial Services 954-958-5508 as that agency regulates all financial transactions in the State of Florida.

I bought a used vehicle and paid in full, but I’ve never received the title to the vehicle?
You should contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles at 954-969-4216 for assistance with obtaining your title.

I signed loan documents for the vehicle I just bought, but the dealer says he can’t place my loan?
If the dealer is unable to place your financing with a lender in the amount and interest rate you agreed to when you purchased your vehicle, you have the right to decline accepting any other loan arrangement. You can bring the vehicle back to the dealer, who is obligated to return your deposit/down payment less any amounts specified in the bailment agreement. If the dealer refuses to accept the vehicle or return your deposit/down payment, contact us at 954-765-4400.

I went to buy a vehicle I saw advertised with a fixed price, and the dealer refused to honor that price?
You should file a complaint with us. Be sure to include the advertisement, showing its date of publication (if a newspaper ad, provide the complete page from the newspaper). If the advertisement was viewed on the dealer’s website, be sure to print the webpage with the date stamp, and include it with your complaint.

I know I paid off my vehicle loan in full, but the financing company says I still owe them money?
You should contact the Florida Department of Financial Services at 954-958-5508 for assistance.

I gave cash to an auto broker to buy me a vehicle at auction and I still don’t have a vehicle?
If you have a receipt for the amount paid, including the name and address of the broker, file a complaint with us. If you have only the broker’s name, report it to your local police department.

I paid money to hold a vehicle; now the dealer won’t sell me the vehicle and won’t return my deposit?
Carefully read the receipt you were given. If the receipt does not state whether the deposit is refundable or non-refundable, then it is refundable. If the dealer will not refund a refundable deposit, file a complaint with us. If the receipt states that the deposit is non-refundable and the conditions of the offer have not been met by you, then the seller has no obligation to refund your deposit. If you have met the conditions of the receipt and the dealer will not deliver the vehicle to you, file a complaint with us.

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