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Regulated Businesses

The Kosher Food Ordinance requires any individual or business that prepares, distributes, sells or exposes for sale any food represented to be “Kosher” or “Kosher for Passover” must have a reasonable basis to believe it is Kosher according to dietary restrictions. The agent must disclose the basis representation is made by posting a sign (in bold-face, one- inch-high lettering) in a clear and conspicuous place easily seen upon entrance to the establishment or the place where the food is sold or prepared.

Our license must be displayed at the place where the food is sold or prepared. Violators may be subject to civil penalties.

Please Note: Our application form for a Kosher Food License includes a disclosure form which establishes which products are and are not kosher; which products, equipment and facilities are under rabbinical supervision; and whether any products are non-kosher. We regulate only whether statements made on this disclosure represent actual procedures in the establishment. We do not determine the religious legitimacy or acceptability of the establishment.

Consumer Resources

Broward County Consumer Protection Code: Section 20-165: Kosher Food Sales
Consumer Complaint Forms
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Federal Trade Commission
Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR)
Florida Division of Consumer Services

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