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Reporting an Accident or Problem
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Reporting an Accident or Problem
Broward County > Permitting and Licensing > Elevators > Reporting an Accident or Problem


If there is an accident involving an injury that requires medical attention, you should call 911 immediately. You should then contact the owner or owner’s management company regardless of injury.

All accidents should be reported to the owner or owner’s management company because it is their responsibility to contact the elevator maintenance company. The device will remain shut down until it has been inspected by the elevator maintenance company. It is the owner’s or owner’s management company’s responsibility to ensure that the device is shut down properly and that it remains shut down until the elevator maintenance company contacts us for an inspection.

The owner or owner’s management company must file an accident report within 5 days with us and the State of Florida. The report must be sent to:

  1. Permitting, Licensing and Consumer Protection Division,
    Elevator Section
    1 N. University Drive, Box #302
    Plantation, FL 33324

  2. Department of Business and Professional Regulation,
    Division of Hotels and Restaurants, Bureau of Elevator Safety
    1940 N. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399


If you have a complaint about an elevating device or service or if the device is not functioning properly, contact your building owner or property management company. The maintenance company should document your complaint, investigate it and provide a proper solution to the owner’s management company. If you believe the problem is a life safety issue, please call us at 954-765-4508.

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