Enforcement Administration

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Enforcement Administration
1 North University Drive, Suite 307
Plantation, FL 33324
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Enforcement is an integral part of almost all aspects of environmental protection, because enforcement compels compliance. Compliance with the local, state, and federal environmental regulations is an EPGMD goal, and enforcement is one tool available to preserve the environment and encourage governments, companies and individuals, who are regulated, to meet their environmental obligations.

Broward County EPGMD uses its enforcement authority to achieve compliance with environmental requirements, punish violators, deter environmental violations, and to foster and promote sustained environmental compliance and stewardship.

Broward County EPGMD's environmental enforcement authority is delineated in Chapter 27 of the Broward County Code, also known as the Natural Resource Protection Code.

In addition to Enforcement Administration's specific responsibilities to support EPGMD's environmental mission, Enforcement Administration also manages the Environmental Response Line, processes requests for public information, evaluates all requests for variances of Chapter 27, and coordinates Administrative Review requests.