Broward County is WasteWise!

Broward County is WasteWise!
Broward County Employees Take Waste Reduction Survey
Don't Dispose . . . Compost!


EPA WasteWise Preserving Resources Preventing Waste logoBroward County Government joined the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) WasteWise program. WasteWise is a successful EPA voluntary partnership program that seeks to reduce solid waste through innovative waste prevention and recycling techniques. The program asks that we do what we can to prevent waste, use only the material needed to get the job done, recycle, and buy recycled products.

Although participation in the program is voluntary, Broward County takes its participation very seriously. Broward County government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from government operations and through the work of the Climate Change Government Operations Workgroup, the County implements projects to reduce energy, fuel use and waste.

For more information about the Broward County WasteWise Program contact the Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division at 954-519-1460. 


Waste Reduction Committee
Photo Above: The Waste Reduction Committee is proud of its WasteWise Certificate

County Employees Take Waste Reduction Survey

As an effort to measure the future progress of the County’s waste reduction efforts and also be able to effectively focus on reduction areas, the Waste Reduction Committee is evaluating the County’s current waste prevention, recycling, and buy-recycled initiatives.

County Employees' opinion is important to us and will assist in identifying current waste generation, storage and disposal methods at the workspace as well as to identify opportunities for better practices to reduce the amount of money spent on waste, and in turn, reduce the County’s generation of greenhouse gases. Approximately 600 County employees took a Waste Reduction Survey to help us to achieve our goals.

The Committee raffled 50 dollars cash among all the County employees that participated in this survey. Also, the first 25 people that responded to the survey received a “Waste Reduction Kit” Gift Bag that included a reusable bag filled with cool environmentally-friendly goodies.


  waste reduction kit prize

survey $50.00 prize winner 

Waste Reduction Kit Gift Bag

Survey $50 Prize Winner


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Don't Dispose... Compost!

Composting is the process of creating organic material that can be used as a soil amendment or as a medium to grow plants. As organic matter decomposes, nutrients are released into the soil in a form that plants can use. It is a way to recycle yard and kitchen waste: A critical step in reducing the volume of garbage unnecessarily sent to landfills for disposal.

This summer, the Waste Reduction Committee in conjunction with NatureScape Broward launched a Composting Campaign Revolution: Don’t Dispose…Compost! at the Government Center West (GCW). Kitchen areas and break rooms at the facility are now furnished with colorfully labeled compost collection bins for:

• raw fruit and vegetable scraps
• coffee grounds and filters
• tea bags
• eggshells
• bread
• apple cores
• banana peels
• lettuce

Never compost animal fats like meat, grease and cheese. Collected food waste is being added to the Garden composter in the Butterfly Garden at the Government Center West and the final nutrient-rich soil compost is to be used to fertilize the flowers in the garden. The compost bins and the composter are managed by volunteers. Employees may bring unwanted compostable goods and dispose of them directly into the garden composter. For more information on how to get involved, please contact

Approximately 85 gallons of food waste were collected during the first two months of the program implementation.



poster saying, "don't dispose, compost at Government Center West" 

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