Waste Prevention at Home


There are several ways to reduce waste in the home. Every week Broward residents produces about 28 pounds of trash. As a resident of Broward county here is a list of things you can do to reduce waste in your home. By putting this list into practice it can become a habit. Following this list can lead to a better Broward and a brighter future.  
  • Donate or sell items in good condition to thrift, non profit or exchange programs.
  • Buy items that can be recycled
  • Buy items in bulk and with less packaging. 
  • Donate your white goods (i.e. refrigerators, stoves, washers,  dryers, air conditioners)       
  • Reuse retreaded tires.
  • When shopping, use reusable bags.
  • Compost yard wastes and non-meat kitchen scraps at the home.
  • Make your own non-toxic home cleaning products.
  • Turn your plastic bags back into the store for recycling.
  • Recycle all electronics that cannot be donated (TV’s, monitors, CPU’s, ect.).
  • Turn in your household hazardous wastes at County approved locations.
  • Use water-saving devices in the home.
  • Choose durable, reusable goods (for example, don't buy disposable razors, use razors that have replacement blades).
  • Eliminate the use of paper plates and foam cups. Wash and reuse ceramic plates and mugs
  • Use cloth napkins.
  • Wrap gifts in cartoons or old maps.
  • Use rechargable batteries.
  • Borrow, rent or share items that you use infrequently.
  • Buy products made out of recycled materials.


 Ways to reduce waste in your kitchen