Waste Prevention at School


There are several ways to prevent waste at school.  When we instill waste prevention practices into our younger generations, they will make better environmental decisions.   Here is a list of things we can all do at school to reduce waste. Following this list can lead to a better Broward County and a brighter future.
Tips to reduce waste at school
  • Schedule a Rummage Sale/Student Exchange.
  • Reduce waste at lunch (bring your own utensils from home, use a thermos, etc.).
  • Trade electronics with  students in different schools.
  • Donate to less fortunate.
  • Buy recycled goods.
  • Compost at school.
  • Add a water-saving device in restroom toilets.
  • Monitor energy use.
  • Recycle Paper Products and other items.
  • Reuse items from last years (binders, pens, pencils, folders, backpacks).
  • Make scratch paper from paper that was used on one side.
  • Use doble-sided photocopies.
  • Purchase classroom supplies in bulk.
  • Use refillable pens and pencils.
  • Use old cardboard boxes for storage.
  • Use reusable lunch boxes or lunch bags.