Waste Prevention at Work


There are several ways to reduce and prevent waste at work.  Below you can do several or all of the things on the list to reduce and prevent waste in your work. Following this list can lead to a better Broward and a brighter future.
  • Buy recycled paper goods.
  • Donate electronics and old furniture.
  • Recycle office products.
  • Use hand dryers in workplace restrooms.
  • Monitor energy use.
  • Join businesses reusable programs.
  • Start a workplace composting program.
  • Turn off your computer and other electrical items before leaving.
  • Turn off the lights at the end of the day.
  • Copy and print double-sided.
  • Order supplies via phone or email.
  • Purchase non-toxics materials such as vegetable-based inks and water-based adhesives, markers and paints.
  • Order supplies in bulk and with less packaging.
  • Whenever possible, avoid printing; e-mail documents instead.
  • Make scratch paper from used one-sided paper.
  • Donate books and magazines to libraries, hospitals, etc.
  • Reuse envelopes for internal mail.
  • Rent equipment that is not used frequently.
  • Properly maintain your electronics (copies, computers, printers) to prolong their lifespam.
  • Use durable items such as napkins, dishes, flatware, cups, etc.
  • Cancel junk mail and unwanted publications at work.
  • Update mailing lists to reduce wasted mail.
  • Use electronic letterhead.



 Tips to reduce waste at work