Receiving a Notice of Violation

If you receive a notice of violation, carefully read the notice to find out what the violation is, correct the problem, and do so promptly. If you are not sure what the violation(s) are for or would like to speak with the issuing officer please contact them using the information provided on the notice. You can ask for additional time, provided you are making progress on the violations. Some of the problems may be serious and correction should not be delayed.

If appropriate action to correct the problems is not taken, there are several possible consequences. If legal action becomes necessary, your case may be forwarded to a hearing and you will be requested to appear before the Broward County Code Enforcement Special Magistrate to explain your case. The Special Magistrate is authorized to issue orders commanding compliance with the code of ordinances and daily running fines may occur until the violations are corrected, which could result in liens being recorded against your property. 

A Code Enforcement Officer may also issue a non-criminal citation with fines, for violations that exist or remain uncorrected. Penalties range from $50-$250 for first offenses and $100-$500 for repeat violations. In addition, the county may arrange for health and safety violations to be abated, such as a property to be mowed or cleared of junk items, junk vehicles and other nuisances.  


Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 5: Building Regulations and Land Use
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 39: Zoning
Broward Housing Council
Citizen's Guide to Community Code Compliance​​​

CentralCountyCRA ​​​