Reporting a Code Violation

We handle complaints about violations occurring on properties in the following subdivisions located in the Broward Municipal Services District​:

Boulevard Gardens
Washington Park​

There are several ways to report a possible code violation: 

If you wish to be contacted regarding the status of the investigation, please provide your contact information or email address, and request a follow-up call or email. You may remain anonymous if you wish, but in some instances more information may be needed in order to investigate certain complaints on private property.

When reporting a possible violation, you should provide us with the exact address of the building, unit number if applicable, or as specific a location as possible to enable the officer to locate the property. Then describe the condition you have observed. After receiving a citizen request, we will inspect any property as soon as possible to determine if a code violation exists. Health and safety related complaints are the highest priority. If a violation is found, a notice will be either hand-delivered or mailed to the property owner or they may receive a door hanger requiring compliance by a certain date.


Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 5: Building Regulations and Land Use
Broward County Code of Ordinances: Ch. 39: Zoning
Broward Housing Council
Citizen's Guide to Community Code Compliance​

CentralCountyCRA ​