Platting Review Process

If platting is required, you must first apply with the municipality and then with us. Both reviews occur at the same time. Your application cannot be scheduled for a hearing by the County Commission until the municipality has approved the plat. 

The County’s review includes:
  • Identifying conditions needed for the proposed plat to comply with Broward County’s Land Development Code
  • Identifying corrections to the plat drawing needed to comply with Florida law
  • Providing advisory comments on issues needing addressed after the platting process

Plat applications are reviewed by 23 review agencies​ to ensure compliance with all requirements. Subject areas include
  • Transportation impacts
  • Water and wastewater services
  • Safe and adequate access
  • Dedication of right-of-ways for major roadways
  • Park and school impacts
  • Impacts on wetlands and designated environmental areas
  • Land Use Plan consistency

For unincorporated area plats, the review also includes issues like fire protection and zoning.