Certificate of Use FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business need a Certificate of Use (CU)?
Yes, if your business is located in unincorporated Broward County you are required to obtain a CU from Broward County.  If your business is located in a city, you are required to obtain a CU from the city.

May I have an office at my residence?
Yes, you must obtain a Home Office Certificate of Use and it must meet all the requirements of a home office.

How do I know if my business or home office is located in unincorporated Broward County?
Search for your address on the Broward County Property Appraiser's website.  The "Site Address" box will indicate if the address is in unincorporated Broward County.

How much does a Certificate of Use cost?

  • Business CU:  depending on the type of business, the fee ranges from $265 to $425.  It is a one-time fee for the business, unless there is a change of ownership, occupant, or name change. 
  • Home Office CU:  the fee is $75 and must be renewed annually for $45 per year. 

All fees must be paid in person, except for home office renewals which may be mailed. Payments may be made by credit card, check, or cash.

What is required to obtain a Certificate of Use?
An application for a CU must be completed and submitted to the Planning and Development Management Division/ Attention: Zoning Section.  The application must be notarized and accompanied with the necessary fee. The application may be completed, submitted, and processed within approximately 30 minutes at the Broward County Government Center West, 1 North University Drive, Suite 102-A, Plantation, FL 33324.  

Prior to CU issuance, the business location or the home office will be inspected by the Zoning Section, Building Inspectors, and Fire Inspectors to assure the business will be operating in accordance to all codes and regulations (home offices are typically only inspected by the Zoning Section).  The inspections may be scheduled to occur within 2-3 days.  Once all inspections have passed a CU will be issued.

Do I need building plans and a building permit to obtain a Certificate of Use?
If there is a change in the type of business that was previously there and if there are any changes or improvements being made to the premises, building plans and a permit may be required for issuance of a CU.  Please contact the Zoning Section at (954) 765-4400 prior to submitting an application, in order to determine if building plans are required.

Do I need a Certificate of Use if I have a Local Business Tax Receipt?
Yes, a CU if required. A Local Business Tax Receipt does not guarantee that your business is operating in compliance with Broward County Zoning and other regulations and is required prior to the operation of any business or home office.