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In the Broward Municipal Services District (BMSD) and other unincorporated areas in Broward County, we issue zoning permits for the following:

  • Commercial and Residential Landscaping
  • Signage
    • Monument Signs
    • Wall Signs
  • Special/Outdoor Events
    • Carnival
    • Concert
    • Festival

​​​​​Certificate of Use

Any new tenant or change of occupancy in a commercial or industrial property as well as any permitted residential facility must have a Certificate of Use to certify the use is permitted and does not violate any requirements of the Florida Building Code, Broward County Zoning Code​ or the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Residential Home Certificates of Use are permitted if the office is not more than 10 percent of the dwelling unit, no merchandise is stored and the office has no customers or other employees.​​​​​​

Certificate of Use FAQs

Current Zoning Ordinances & Maps

BMSD Zoning Ordinances

BMSD Zoning Maps

  • Broward County GIS maintains a variety of interactive and printable maps for use. Please check back periodically for updates as many of these are updated on a recurring basis
  • Landuse and Zoning (interactive) - look up parcels by folio, name, or address
  • Zoning (download/print) - updated PDF identifying zoning areas by color​​​​​

Historic Zoning Maps

Thank you for visiting the Historic Zoning Map Archives!
We are pleased to offer an easy-to-use tool that will allow you to view historic maps by Section, Township and Range for the period between 1960 and 2012. Please understand these are the best records available to us.

Before you begin, there is a brief disclaimer that you must read and accept prior to viewing the maps.
An instruction window to the right of the page will give you helpful tips for using the maps.

Historic Zoning Ordinances from 1952 through 2012 are also available for viewing.

Historic Zoning Ordinances

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1952-zoning-regulations.pdf1952-zoning-regulationsZoning Regulations
1957-proposed-text-zoning-resolution.pdf1957-proposed-text-zoning-resolutionProposed Text Zoning Resolution
1957-zoning-district-categories.pdf1957-zoning-district-categoriesZoning District Categories
1958-comprehensive-zoning.pdf1958-comprehensive-zoningComprehensive Zoning
1958-proposed-text-new-comprehensive-county-zoning-resolution.pdf1958-proposed-text-new-comprehensive-county-zoning-resolutionProposed Text Zoning Resolution
1958-supplemental-zoning-regulations.pdf1958-supplemental-zoning-regulationsSupplemental Zoning Regulations
1959-zoning-regulations.pdf1959-zoning-regulations1959 Zoning Regulations
1960-zoning-regulations.pdf1960-zoning-regulations1960 Zoning Regulations
1961-zoning-regulations.pdf1961-zoning-regulations1961 Zoning Regulations
1963-zoning-regulations.pdf1963-zoning-regulations1963 Zoning Regulations
1968-zonning-regulations.pdf1968-zonning-regulations1968 Zoning Regulations
1969-zonning-regulations.pdf1969-zonning-regulations1969 Zoning Regulations
1971-zoning-regulations.pdf1971-zoning-regulations1971 Zoning Regulations
1972-zoning-regulations.pdf1972-zoning-regulations1972 Zoning Regulations
1973-zoning-regulations.pdf1973-zoning-regulations1973 Zoning Regulations
1975-zoning-regulations.pdf1975-zoning-regulations1975 Zoning Regulations
1976-zoning-regulations.pdf1976-zoning-regulations1976 Zoning Regulations
1977-zoning-chapter-39.pdf1977-zoning-chapter-39Zoning Chapter 39
1977-zoning-ordiance.pdf1977-zoning-ordianceZoning Ordiance
1979-article-37-part1.pdf1979-article-37-part1Article 37 -Part 1
1979-article-37-part2.pdf1979-article-37-part2Article 37 -Part 2
1982-zoning-ordinance-part1.pdf1982-zoning-ordinance-part1Zoning Ordinance -Part 1
1982-zoning-ordinance-part2.pdf1982-zoning-ordinance-part2Zoning Ordinance -Part 2
1984-zoning-ordinance-part1.pdf1984-zoning-ordinance-part1Zoning Ordinance -Part 1
1984-zoning-ordinance-part2.pdf1984-zoning-ordinance-part2Zoning Ordinance -Part 2

​Have a general question about Zoning?

Check first the Certificate of Use (CU) FAQs. If your question is not answered here, then send an email to the Broward County Zoning Official or call ​954-357-9785/9786, during business hours, which are Monday thru Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm. We are closed on major holidays. When contacting us, be sure to include your block and lot information​ in both the email and telephone message. ​​​​​​​​