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Countywide Community Design Guidebook
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 Wayfinding in Broward County    In 2002, the Broward County Commission identified the establishment of a "Sense of Place" for Broward County as one of its priority goals. To further this goal, we prepared a Community Design Guidebook, with consultant services provided by local architect Anthony Abbate. The Guidebook will be utilized as the County redevelops to accommodate the anticipated future population and will address the following principles:
  • Creation of a more pedestrian/transit friendly environment
  • Making Broward County one of the nation's most visually attractive counties
  • Providing for a mix of uses and housing types
  • Enhancing redevelopment and economic opportunity

Through an extensive public participation process and in partnership with local municipalities, the Guidebook dentifies standards and patterns for land uses, road cross-sections and design features, building designs and orientation, street layouts and pedestrian and transit linkages, that can be utilized to achieve a "Sense of Place." The Broward County Comprehensive Plan, Broward County Land Development Code, traffic engineering standards and other codes and standards will be reviewed and changes recommended to further the design standards and facilitate the desired patterns.

PDF icon Wayfinding Report

 Broward County Countywide Community Design Guidebook

 Community Design Guidebook

PDF icon Guidebook Cover
PDF icon Inside Cover
PDF icon Contents
PDF icon Executive Summary
PDF icon Credits
PDF icon Introduction
PDF icon Sense of Place
PDF icon Broward Urban History
PDF icon Natural Environment
PDF icon Elements of the City
PDF icon Transportation
PDF icon UrbanDesign

PDF icon Landscape
PDF icon Architecture
PDF icon Environmental Graphics
PDF icon Community Design
PDF icon Professional Workshops
PDF icon Demonstration Areas
PDF icon Glossary
PDF icon Bibliography
PDF icon Community Involvement
PDF icon Image Preference Study
PDF icon Scenic & Historic Roads
PDF icon Design Arts Program


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