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Comprehensive Planning
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Comprehensive Planning
Evaluation and Appraisal of Comprehensive Plans
Flexibility / Compatibility Reviews
Local Planning Agency
Comprehensive Plan Elements and Support Documents
Comprehensive Planning Workshop
Maps and Publications
Countywide Community Design Guidebook
Transportation Planning
Water Supply Facilities Workplan
Geographic Information Systems Services
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Maps and Publications



Broward County Comprehensive Plan Map Series
Broward County Printable Maps


2011 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR)

Annexation Program Studies

Executive Summaries
Intracoastal Beach
North Andrews Gardens Area
North Centreal County (infill areas)
North County Area
Pine Island Ridge
South Central
Southwest County Area

Broward-by-the Numbers
Broward-By-The-Numbers is a monthly publication of socio-economic data about Broward County. Each edition analyses a topic of local interest and provides current statistics from federal, state and local sources.

Broward County Countywide Community Design Guidebook

The Broward County Commission, at its spring 2002 goal setting sess ion, identified the establishment of a Sense of Place for Broward County as one of its priority goals. The Community Design Guidebook is one of the strategies for furthering the Sense of Place goal.

Central County Community Redevelopment Plan
This Central County Community Redevelopment Plan (CCCRP) replaces the Central County Community Redevelopment Area Plan adopted in 2005, and includes updated data, plans, programs, and requirements for four unincorporated neighborhoods consisting of Boulevard Gardens, Franklin Park, Roosevelt Gardens, and Washington Park.

Comprehensive Plan and Support Documents
Elements 1-18 of the Comprehensive Plan and support documents.

Model Mixed-Use Zoning Districts (Draft)

Purchase of Development Rights Feasibility Study
In response to concern about the loss of agricultural land in Broward County, the Board of County Commissioners directed staff to investigate the feasibility of implementing a Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Program for the purpose of retaining agricultural land in Broward County.

Subtropical Sustainable
The Broward Community Design Collaborative at Florida Atlantic University summarized the Transit Housing Oriented Redevelopment (THOR) Pilot Study in this document. The objectives of the study were to develop sustainable, context-sensitive design strategies for redevelopment and urban design through a public involvement process.

Unincorporated Neighborhood Data
Data tables and maps provide information about the georgraphy, population, housing schools, service providers and property taxes within each unincorporated neighborhood. Demographic and housing data have been tabulated from Census 2010 data, along with the American Community Survey 5-year averages (2005-2009).

Wayfinding Report

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